Shame as Arua Enforcement Officers Wrath-Up Former Youth MP Contestant

By Andrew Cohen Amvesi

People were on Tuesday treated to free drama along Avenue Road in Arua town when Arua City law enforcement officers wrathed-up Jackson Abindu who earlier in 2020 declared interest in contesting for the post of Northern Uganda Youth MP on the NRM ticket.

Abindu (in red) being dragged by the law enforcement officers to the City Clerk’s office on Tuesday. PHOTO BY ANDREW COHEN AMVESI

Abindu was picked like a chicken thief by the no nonsense law enforcement officers after a long standoff over the eviction of street vendors.

Reports indicate that Abindu attempted to stop the muscled men from evicting the women selling food and other items along the street on grounds that they must be given time to vacate the area.

“What these people (the law enforcement officers) are doing is illegal. They should have given these women notice and on top, give them time to leave the streets,” Abindu shouted as the men ganged on him.

According to Abindu, the street vendors have families to look after, a reason they should not be treated like dogs.

“We need justice for these vendors because they are also people. You can’t just wake-up to chase them like this. It is illegal,” Abindu said.


But the law enforcement officers bounced on him and forced the politician to the office of the City Clerk as locals looked on in dismay.

“We have now come for you! You must go and explain to the Town Clerk why you are blocking us from doing our work,” one of the law enforcement officers said as they whisked Abindu away.

By press time, we couldn’t get a comment from Cornelius Jobile, the Acting Arua City Deputy Clerk as his known telephone number went unanswered.

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