97 criminals arrested in Arua operation

By Andrew Cohen Amvesi                 

ARUA. A total of 97 hardcore criminals terrorizing the locals in Arua city have been arrested and jailed.

While addressing journalists on the security situation in Arua, Jude Nasucha, the Arua city police commander said of the 97 criminals arrested, some have been convicted while others are on remand.

“We have also a number of recoveries that we made ranging from suspected stolen motorcycles and in the last two months, we have recovered nine of them; others have been handed over, I think in custody we are remaining with about six. We have recovered many implements from these groups, dangerous weapons, house breaking implements, opium, and other dangerous implements,” Nasucha said on Thursday.

“We have and we shall continue to have operations. As we speak now, we have about five in custody whom we picked up just two days ago in the areas of Garamba. So, these operations are ongoing. We want to make sure that we clean the city and that is going to be soonest,” Nasucha assured.

He said the ongoing operation has yielded tangible fruits thus the city is now passable and livable. Nasucha promised that they want to ensure total peace in the city for people to carry out their businesses without any interference.

“So, the number that I have given you, all these are in prison (97) on various charges of possession of opium, housebreaking implements, theft because we have recovered motorcycles and other house belongings,” Nasucha emphasized.

He urged the public to continue giving police any information that they get out there about suspected criminals so that the security team on ground can be able to pick the thugs.

“These operations are day and night. Some of these criminals we arrest them from their dwelling places; they rent and stay five, seven or ten in a room. And we have also tasked the local leadership, especially the local council one chairpersons to know the people who live in their areas. I want to appreciate that the local leadership has since put in effort to support us and they give us information. So, these people that we arrest are people that we pick from blackspots and all of them have been produced in court,” Nasucha said.

Similarly, Josephine Angucia, the West Nile police spokesperson confirmed the arrest and said the criminals are being tried in court for various offenses.

“Some of the offenses are theft, robberies, house breakings, burglaries, threatening violence, being in possession of opium, house breaking implements among other cases. A number of recoveries have been made. We have recovered rolls of opium, drugs which were stolen from the hospital, an old hospital chair which was also recovered from one of the places where thieves have been staying,” Angucia said.

Police showing the recovered motor cycles

She said 13 different case files are being investigated and some are already in court.

“Right now, a team of police is already out doing its work. They are already moving out, carrying out intelligence so as to net more suspects. With this, we are sure at the end of it all, our city will be one of the best cities to live in. Criminals who had come running to disorganize the city will have to go back because they will find that the city will not be healthy enough for them to do their criminal activities in. We are only appealing to our locals that let us cooperate via sharing of information,” Angucia remarked.

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