CHAOS! Sex, intrigue rocks MAAIF, ministers abandon office


Everything that can go wrong in a ministry has happened to MAAIF which is the docket responsible for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Husbandry. The Minister is Frank Tumwebaze along with others like Hellen Adoa, Bright Rwamirama and others. The Permanent Secretary is Gen David Kasura. There is so much turmoil that many technocrats no longer come to office fearing to cross the path of some angry officials. When they come at all, they stay for a short time and return home because the environment is contaminated and the intrigue is too much.

The Ministers also are not coming to office very often these days. Having failed to reconcile technocrats and the some very quarrelsome officials, Tumwebaze operates from UCDA or coffee house in Kampala along Jinja road.

Tumwebaze took this path after falling out clearly with this official. This was after this official tried to deny him access to the logistics he requires to do his work as the Minister.

One time, Tumwebaze wished to travel for government work abroad but staff working under this official’s office blocked him claiming there was no money since the government is broke and the President banned Ministers from traveling. This shocked PAs in Tumwebaze’s office because the money for this official’s inland and foreign travels is always found.

There is also Nalweyiso who is the assistant Commissioner in charge of accounts who recently travelled to Dubai on Ministry money yet the Minister had been blocked on grounds that there is no money. Nalweyiso was given the trip after she started telling friends she was tired of the intrigue at MAAIF and had already applied to public service to be transferred to a more peaceful Ministry. Her superiors feared to lose her because she has many Ministry secrets and appeased her with a trip to Dubai to cool off her anger and disappointment. So that she stays.

There is also alleged corruption at MAAIF for instance in the Agriculture Cluster Development project which the Ministers at MAAIF reported to State House demanding to be investigated by the president’s anti-corruption unit.

The corruption was first reported to Tumwebaze by angry UBA Managers who said they were tired of a certain accountant who kept pestering them for kickbacks in order for the bank not to lose the project account on which billions are kept. The accountant who is a female was reported to Tumwebaze to have demanded 500m from UBA managers or else the project account gets transferred elsewhere to another bank.

UBA had also been contracted to develop the financial system for the ACDP project which would earn them a lot of money and that’s why the greedy female accountant was demanding for her share of 500m in advance. Tumwebaze was made even angrier on being told that this same powerful accountant keeps big sums of money in a drawer in her office which she uses to silence investigators from the IGG and auditor general whenever they are sent to investigate the rot in the project.

Tumwebaze demanded for investigations into the list of beneficiary farmers after a whistle blower informed him the project was full of ghost farmers who are supposed to have benefited. The same female auditor’s academic qualifications are also being doubted as to whether they are authentic.

When Tumwebaze put too much pressure, the Ministry’s top management decided to interdict guys who turned out to be innocent and the most hardworking. Examples include ICT man Rashid, Procurement man Emaru and Deputy Coordinator Ojangole. The other problem at MAAIF is the infighting between Nalweyiso and Doreen of PDU who are always ganging up to fight the communications expert Charlotte Kemigisha.

Eng Okanya is another person that is being fought at MAAIF and every project he spearheads gets fought by internal auditors who keep saying there is no value for money. They say he buys fuel for big men and helps them to transport stuff to their private farms in the village.

The Commissioner for water and mechanization also doesn’t have peace because of the stalled fence project that was meant to secure the Ministry headquarters in Entebbe since February.

Some Ministry workers are unhappy with the endless IGG investigations which they say are being used by some big man in the Ministry to get rid of guys manning the animal resources department and many of these are vets who are highly educated and they don’t give a damn. Recently top management tried to do an HR audit which would be used to victimize some employees but it didn’t go far. Chaos only increased to the extent that today Ministers are being told to buy their own stationary, airtime and fuel for their official cars.

The President has intervened before but he didn’t make much progress and top government sources say that the appointing authority is disappointed and may transfer away all the ministers and the PS to have a new start at MAAIF. It’s also claimed that the principal administrative secretary Allen has also become very powerful and therefore part of the problem at MAAIF. One of the Ministers at MAAIF recently wrote something on twitter which made followers realize there must be too much frustration at the Ministry. Sources say that because of poor facilitation and the bad working environment, some of the Ministers at MAAIF these days only do government work when it has been assigned to them specifically by the prime Minister, President or vice president. Otherwise they aren’t motivated anymore.

There are also too many sex rumors at MAAIF of big men feasting on their juniors like they are the modern day yours truly Mr.Hyena who can never exist without bonking. It’s strange that the number of cute babes seeking and getting jobs at MAAIF has lately been increasing and it could soon turn out to be the Ministry with the highest number of beauty queens who are cute and slender.

Many suppliers of the Ministry haven’t been paid because those who are supposed to pay call them thieves while refusing to recognize their invoices demanding payment. There is actually pressure from big offices at Parliament directing the PSST Ramadan Ngobi to withhold funding to MAAIF to force the President to put in place a better accounting officer who can treat service providers, suppliers, donors, Ministers and other stakeholders better than is currently the case.


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