HOLY! HOLY! HOLY! Sister Charity does wonders for Mr. Hyena in Convent

Recently, I travelled to Mbarara for a two weeks workshop on behavioral change for the youths organized by a Catholic NGO. At first, I was hesitant to commit myself, foreseeing how boring all this could turn out to be given the conservative nature of the Church. But later, I changed my mind as I knew this would offer me the opportunity to chew the juicy Bahima babes in that blessed region of the country.

When I got there, I decided to join the church choir because as I had foreseen, there was a sea of babes that would cause a healthy man a whole day of erection. I was no exception since my whopper complained endlessly.

Interestingly, I had a crush on one of the nuns called Charity who happened to be a choir mistress, oh God! Sister Charity must have taken God nine months to work on her looks.Her beauty was beyond what I had ever seen on planet Earth.

It left me wondering what she was doing in a boring nun convent. She had a killer smile that would melt a stone and a voice that would wash away any man’s sorrow.

When our eyes met, my whopper went wild. It started tick-tacking and I would only claim it down by doing a ‘Tweyagale dance by Eddy Kenzo’. I just wanted to shaft her Mogadishu until the Islamist returned to power but this was as if I was in dreamland.

I was ready to do anything to shaft this woman of God even if it meant going to the moon.So, one evening after our routine choir practice, I walked to her pretending to inquire about the appearance of the Virgin Mary in Nebbi (apparition). I introduced myself as a Seminarian. This got her very excited that she gave me a very long hug; I felt an electrifying feeling down in my trousers.

I really enjoyed her magnetic body, I always remember that. My whopper now was as hard as a Mahogany tree. I thought of doing the unthinkable of feeling her wet tomato sauce in public but regained control of my stubborn hammer hence I abandoned that dog-matic approach.

I had to apply cunningness to get her attention, so I pretended as if I was fainting. I threw myself down onto the ground. I relaxed my body as if I was unconscious and closed my eyes. She thought I was dying and she started praying to the Lord to have mercy on me. This attracted a number of other choir members who wanted to give me help but to my surprise and joy, she barred anybody from touching me claiming that she was a trained nurse.

She performed first aid on me. She took off my shirt exposing my hairy chest as I overheard her whisper, “this is the sexiest man in the world,” with this I knew there was a bigger scheme of things for my ever hungry whopper. She blew cool air all over my body including my uranium, I felt as if I was the luckiest man on planet earth.

Sister Charity then planted her wet juicy lips in my mouth to give me a kiss of life.I could not stand this provocation; I just kissed her right in front of everyone present. She continued to ‘supply oxygen’ for close to 20 minutes. All this time, I was just enjoying every bit of what she was doing to me as I chewed her lips and thought how sweet her yoyo would be.

After about 30 minutes, I pretended to have regained consciousness and we went to a nearby canteen for cold water. She continued comforting me like I was her baby. I thanked her for having saved my life and proposed to know her forever.

I expressed my burning desire for her, complimented her for her good looks and proposed to shaft her! Yes, I was that daring.

And by the way, it made her so horny that she lifted up her dress and opened her legs wide for me to see. Just by looking at her sexy pink pants made my whopper become so excited. She noticed this and decided to feel it with her hands as my trousers kept bulging.

My zip went loose and my whopper popped out like a released prisoner. She played with it until I ejaculated into her hands and then she just licked the cum off. I also pushed my hands through her skirt and started to finger her. She got so horny and her eyes were very inviting.

I suggested that we go to the convent for hot sex but she complained saying it was impossible as they (nuns) are monitored 24-7 and that no male is allowed in there. But all in all, she told me that her room was September 11, I wondered why such a name and she retorted “you will get to know when you get there.”

This brought to me fresh memories of the twin tower bombings and that was exactly what I was going to do to her large tight Kandahar. I was sure it was tight, unless those fathers were feasting on her.

The following day, I set off for the barrack-like convent at 7:00pm only to be barred by a tough gatekeeper whose looks alone would cause a baby to faint. He warned me never again disturb his peace insisting that the Holy place didn’t allow a person of my caliber to set foot into.

I attempted this twice but failed to convince this pig.I decided to devise a Hollywood-like approach as if I was fighting on the streets of Somalia. I resigned to the Mafia idea of parachuting into the nun’s convent in a fashion never witnessed in Kandahar hunting.

Good enough, I had connections to a certain army officer in Makenke barracks who secured me an army parachute. At about 9:00pm, I set off in a manner that you would think that James Bond was in town, I parachuted over 5km away.

People cheered all along from the ground with others shouting “Jesus has come” . I was not surprised as it has become a fashion these days for anyone to claim to have seen him.

I wish they knew what naughty mission I was partaking in. At about 9:30pm I successfully parachuted into the sacred convent in style like a marine. I landed just right behind the bathrooms as usual for optical nutrition I  decided to peep, wow, wow, I saw a sea of virgin kandahars.

I proceeded to the September 11 room,  knocked on the door and she promptly opened it for me. She was naked already and she begged me to lick her Kandahar which I did. My dear, it tasted and smelt like chocolate and milk. She was shaking as if there was an earth tremor. I continued to lick her milk tasting pot for close to 20 minutes and she could not stop shaking.

This nun was a virgin, and her honey pot was so fresh. I pulled her onto the bed and made her lie on her stomach and tied both of her legs and hands to both ends of the bed the Russian style, I climbed over her and entered her wide opened pot with my red hot mahogany and pumped her very fast for about 10 minutes.

I thought I would kill her, I slowed down for a slow motion rhythm that almost killed her as she begged me for more. She was singing different church hymns and passing out words like “Jesuuuuus….. Jesuuuuus…… Jesuuuuus… Oooooohh God…..oooooohh God…” it left me wondering why these innocent daughters always deceive themselves if they knew they had a legendary libido. I did this all night till dawn then I climbed over the fence. I missed being caught by a whisker as I had fed my greedy whopper on a holy good.

Till then, I remain yours truly, the Mighty Hyena.


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