IF I DIE I DIE! 3D Services tycoon Mwandha empties bank account to charm new wife with a mansion

Mwandha’s mansion gift to Sheba

A visitor to the Mwandhas’ can be struck by the grandeur of unimaginable wealth some Kampala tycoons are willing to throw to please their women.

We are talking about Kampala tycoon Timothy Mwandha aka Tim, who is also the boss of 3D Services limited located in Kisasi and his new mistress Sheba Kassami.

Mwandha and Sheba cozying up

A few days back, the hunky tycoon walked to his bank and withdrew all his life savings so he could pay off a swanky mansion for the sexy Sheba.

Our source informs us that Mwandha paid Shs2bn for the mansion located at the shores of Lake Victoria and named it Shebascastle.

Using his social pages, Mwandha says he no longer cares much about life and its challenges, even if he runs broke and dies, let it be so. As long as Sheba stays happy.

Love birds Mwandha and Sheba

It should be remembered that this is not the first time Mwandha has labored to please Sheba. A few months back, he shipped in a brand-new Mercedes Benz that he also gifted to Sheba.

Sheba moved in with Tim at his crib in Muyenga where they have been living together as husband and wife.

Sheba is a daughter of fallen banker late Chris Kassami.


Before linking up with Sheba who must have taken him to the heavens to end up gifting her a swanky mansion, Mwandha had an acrimonious divorce with PR Guru Lilliane Byarugaba.

According to court documents in our possession, the two first got married on the 27th September, 2003 at All Saints Cathedral Kampala and used to live in Kisaasi, a Kampala suburb: they have two children together. Mwandha would later file for divorce accusing Byarugaba of sleeping with her boss at then Barclays Bank Uganda now Absa bank whom he identifies as Michael Kaddu (then Head, Corporate Affairs).

Mwandha’s alleged marriage wrecker Kaddu, once worked with IFC

Kaddu who poses as a communications professional & Corporate Relations practitioner has since left ABSA bank. He joined Pinegrove Consortium Kampala and later International Finance Corporation (IFC) as a communications Officer.  This is an international financial institution that offers investment, advisory, and asset-management services to encourage private-sector development in less developed countries. The IFC is a member of the World Bank Group and is headquartered in Washington, D.C. in the United States. He in 2020 left IFC under circumstances we are still verifying (before they can be published) and now currently self-employed as an independent consultant.

He also then accused her of being abusive, violent, and disrespectful. She also allegedly attempted to stab him with a knife hidden in her bedside table. Upon divorce, Byarugaba reportedly brought her boss lover [Kaddu] into the matrimonial home where he lived for six years before they broke up following complaints from the boss’s wife and conflict of interests in their work place.


Court documents further indicate that Mwandha and Byarugaba later on agreed to enter into a new marriage with an understanding that the latter had changed her behaviour. She reportedly told Mwandha that she had received anger management counselling and prayers and promised him never to repeat her bad manners.


In 2016 the couple again developed irreconcilable differences which could not allow them to stay together again.

Byarugaba, in 2018, asked the court to separate them again.

Among other things, Byarugaba (who is the petitioner), told the court that she was tired of Mwandha constantly abusing her. One of those abuses that hurt her, was a comment about her teeth which he reportedly said were ‘crooked’. Mwandha however, denies abusing her in his response. Byarugaba accused Mwandha of heavy smoking and sometimes in front of children. On top of other allegations, Byarugaba says Mwandha has a spaghetti like whopper which can’t do anything to her manhole. At one point, Byarugaba publically compared Mwandha’s whopper with that of her side dish—Micheal Kaddu.

Mwandha’s Ex wife Byarugaba who allegedly has crooked teeth

In his defence, Mwandha told the court that among the reasons why his marriage with Byarugaba failed is the fact that the latter confessed to her child (a girl) that the former was not her real father, but instead a house boy. Mwandha also alleges that Byarugaba’s body odor was intolerable. It was because of this stench that could sometimes make him experience a gagging sensation and less inclined to kiss, cuddle or have sex with Byarugaba.

Mwandha,Byarugaba and their children during their good days

Mwandha also accused Byarugaba of introducing his two children to Juju. And because of this, his estranged wife is not fit to raise them.

Mwandha further accused Byarugaba of denying him an opportunity to sire more kids by secretly removing her uterus.

Kaddu who allegedly screwed Mwandha’s marriage

He further accused her of being inseparable from booze. That at times she could lock her husband out of their home after heavy drinking.

Mwandha who has links to Busoga Kingdom (which qualifies him to be a loyal) is an OB of Kings College Budo and Busoga college Mwiri. He is the CEO of 3D Services Ltd, a firm which specializes in tracking people, vehicles and goods in transit. It has contracts with organizations like UCAA, UNRA, URA even Statehouse and is spread in Kenya and Rwanda. Mwandha formerly worked at British Council Uganda as ICT manager, SRS Systems Ltd as support assistant, Crown Tiles as MD, and Roko Construction as head ICT Division. His estranged wife Byarugaba, once worked at Barclays Bank Uganda now ABSA bank and The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) as public relations manager and later as the marketing manager at 3D Services Ltd—she is now into private business.

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