King ‘Thugs’ Woman iPhone X Max, UGX100k on Date Gone Wrong

Key Suspect, alias King

Kisaasi -Police are hunting for a man who robbed a lady after a date gone wrong, the man has only been identified by face and the crime he allegedly committed.

Reports reaching us indicate that Tinah (Asingirwe Christine was ‘done dirty’ by a thieving lad only identified as ‘King‘ who made off with her iPhone X ProMax and sums of money.

The victim revealed to Police authorities that she initially met the said man at a Kampala top bar called Sky Lounge.

The two, then, agreed to repair to a more discreet and personal setting at Lishi Resort Hotel in Kisasi, that is where the two sought a more intimate meeting in order to get to know one another amidst the quiet plainsong of their hearts, far removed from the unquiet environment of a city bar.

After they took their seats, Tinah said the man introduced himself as King and he claimed he had no internet bundles and yet wanted to get online. So, she provided him with her phone as the haunt in which they sat provided a hotspot for him to be logged in.

It was reportedly a joyous occasion, leavened with drinks and food.

Tinah was so at home with her date that when the peremptory call of nature made her go to the toilet to relieve herself, she left her phone and handbag with her date.

King, as she calls him, sat smilingly as he waited for her.

Or so she thought.

When she returned from the toilet, King was nowhere to be seen and he had fled with her iPhone X Max and UGX100,000 which King had harvested after plunging his sticky fingers within her purse while she was away.

Tinah was left with nothing but an unpaid bill and a steely determination to find the prince charming turned frog.

However, she is short of details on the man save for a picture which she has displayed on social media for help in the search for the elusive “King.”

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