Museveni mourns fallen Arua Church Teacher

By Andrew Cohen Amvesi       June 2, 2022

ARUA. President Yoweri Museveni has joined hundreds of Christians in mourning Fenahasi Dradiku, a renowned Church teacher in Arua City.

This follows the support he extended through Jackson Atima Lee Buti, the Arua Central Division MP to the family of Late Dradiku.


The President gave the family shs11,243,000 to meet the medical and burial expenses of Dradiku who passed on from Arua regional referral Hospital on May 24, 2022. He was later laid to rest at his ancestral home in Kana Cell, Ayivu East Division in Arua City.

Abel Arima, the deceased’s son said his father died of intestinal complications which started in 2018. Dradiku died at the age of 63 and left behind a widow with 8 orphans.

According to the family members, Dradiku was a staunch supporter of President Museveni and the NRM party. He used to mobilize his fellow Lay Readers to go and campaign for President Museveni in their respective churches.

Reports indicate that Beatrice Letasi, one of the daughters of the deceased who doubles as the Arua City NRM Treasurer reported her father’s condition to the President during his visit to Arua in 2019. The President pledged to meet Dradiku’s medical bills, but it became hard to follow up the matter thereafter.


However, the President was reminded about the pledge when Dradiku’s condition worsened. Unfortunately, the money was released when the Lord had already called Dradiku to be with Him.

State House handed over the money to Atima who was on Wednesday joined by Geofrey Feta, the area MP, Alice Akello, the Arua RCC and her deputy, Ismail Masaba, the Ayivu Division Commissioner and Joyce Amaguru, the Arua City NRM Chairperson to deliver it to the bereaved family.

While handing over the cash, MP Atima said the money given by the President shouldn’t divide the family but it should instead bring peace and unity among the family members.

“This money should do the purpose for which His Excellency has given it, and it should instead unite you as a family. You should know that everything is possible with God and of course, the President loves people in this country. So, this money should not bring conflict, you should sit down as a family, share it and it should bring love and unity in the family,” Atima advised.

Meanwhile Feta commended the family for according their father a decent burial. He also thanked the President for fulfilling the promise he made to the family.

“Continue living together. Normally when death occurs like this, a lot of issues come up. At times after death, people start fighting over money, food and on the clothes left by the deceased. In this home, your father worked very well; he paid all of you in school, so you leave the image of this home to remain the way your father had set,” Feta said.

In her remarks, Akello thanked President Museveni for being a real father of the nation, adding that if he was like some other Presidents, he would have forgotten about the pledge he made in 2019.

“But because he doesn’t forget his people; he knows all of us even in this village, he knows Letasi by name, he also knows the father of Letasi by name, so we really thank God for him. To the family members, death is real and we are all going to go at the appropriate time. Usually when the head of the family is no more, many families spend time fighting each other, but I don’t want this to happen in this family because Mzee was a servant of God,” Akello advised.

On behalf of the family, Letasi used the opportunity to sincerely thank President Museveni for the support and urged the MPs and the RCC to convey the family’s message of appreciation to His Excellency by all means.

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