My First Crush Was Naomi Campbell – Actor William Wasberg

By Fab Mc

I had a long video chat with a Ugandan actor based in New York. We talked about life, family, career, and everything in-between. Below is our jazz


Fab Mc: Hey man nice to have you in our powerhouse tell our readers who you are?

Wasberg: Hey thank you for having me, my name is William Wasberg I am a Swedish-Ugandan actor that is based in New York. I moved here from Sweden three years ago. I am a huge sports and tech nerd, and love to work out a lot or build computers and play video games. But my biggest passion will always be acting.

Fab Mc: Can you tell me what inspired you to pursue acting as a career?

Wasberg: I have always performed for fun ever since I was a kid but I never really saw it as a career path for me. But my father is a musician, so I thought if he can do it why I wouldn’t be able to.


Fab Mc: Who do you regard to be your acting role model, and why do you want to mimic their career?

Wasberg: Daniel Kaluuya and I would love to be in the types of projects he has been in. Because a lot of it has very strong empowered black character in them.

Fab Mc: Which acting technique do you think is the best for you?

Wasberg: I am trained in the Meisner technique and I think it suits me very well.


Fab Mc: What methods do you use to protect confidentiality about content for film and TV projects?

Wasberg: I always respect the contracts I sign, so if I can’t talk about something then I kind of lock it away in my mind.


Fab Mc: What do you think can make a role challenging?

Wasberg: Finding the essence of the character and really feeling like you have made it justice is the hardest part for me. Making it specifically distinct from the rest of my characters.


Fab Mc:  Would you identify any actors in the industry as role models?

Wasberg: Yes there are so many actors that I look up to, but if I had to pick one I think it would have to be Denzel Washington.


Fab Mc: How would you approach a scene when you don’t get along with your scene partner?

Wasberg: Professionalism is very important to me and making a project that we all are happy with and feel proud of. So turning the other cheek and just doing my job by listening to the director and taking their directions is the easiest way around it, and not holding any grudges.

Fab Mc: Which styles of acting do you think you’re most suited for?

Wasberg: I think I am most suited for more dramatic and realistic acting. But I love doing comedy and pieces that are larger than life.


Fab Mc: What techniques do you use to develop characters?

Wasberg: One of my acting teachers taught me this technique of categorizing and putting a value on the characters characteristics into columns. Their morals, empathy, responsibility-taking, brains, and impulses. Then you take all the values and “build” a unique personality from them.


Fab Mc: What do you think makes a performance most believable?

Wasberg: Specificity is what I believe makes the most believable performance. When you can see what the actor is thinking you believe them.


Fab Mc:  What do you believe is the most challenging aspect of being an actor?

Wasberg: The stress of not knowing when your next job will be is to me the most challenging aspect.


Fab Mc: What types of projects have you acted in before?

Wasberg: I have mostly acted on stage, but I am starting to transition more to the screen. Most of my on stage projects have been very focused on issues the black community faces, and I would love to bring that to the screen as well.



Fab Mc: Do you believe talent or training is more important to an actor?

Wasberg: Having talent is like having a head start in a race. But you won’t progress without training, and in the end, lose the race.

Fab Mc: How would you react if you received a negative review of a performance?

Wasberg: You have to take every review with a grain of salt. But that is not to say you can’t learn anything from it. I see it as if I just had a dissatisfied guest that I would like to please next time.


Fab Mc: Tell me something, how are black actors treated like in the film game?

Wasberg: There are more roles now for black people, but a lot of those roles are either very stereotypical or black versions of an already established white character. It is as if we are here to fill an inclusivity quota.


Fab Mc:  Is there any difference between white actors and black ones?

Wasberg: There is always differences between every actor, but because black actors have faced discrimination and had very stereotypical roles I think there is a tenacity in black actors in proving themselves that you don’t see as often with white actors.


Fab Mc: If you had all the superpowers in the universe what would you change in your field of work?

Wasberg: Well my problem with it lies more in society than the field of work itself. But I would love to make it so that it doesn’t matter what background you have or who you know, for you to get into the game, it is all about your passion and ideas.


Fab Mc:  On a scale of 1-10 how funny would you say you are?

Wasberg: I would give myself an 8 but I bet my friends would probably rate me lower and say I’m only funny unintentionally. Hahaha


Fab Mc: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Wasberg: In 10 years I would love to tour worldwide with a theatre doing plays about societal topics that drastically needs to be addressed.


Fab Mc:  What challenges are you facing as a black actor?

Wasberg: Most of the time it is the discrimination in the audition room. That they have a preconceived image of how black people should act, and if you deviate the slightest from their idea you get cut.

Fab Mc: If you could join any past or current music group which would you want to join?

Wasberg: I would have loved to be a part of Kool & the Gang because they always looked like they were having a blast on stage


Fab Mc: How many languages do you speak?

Wasberg: I only speak 2 languages fluently Swedish and English. But I am very interested in languages as of late and am trying to learn Luganda, Spanish and Portuguese.


Fab Mc: What is your favorite family holiday tradition?

Wasberg: My favorite holiday tradition is that we always deviate from “normal” traditions and make up our own rules every year. For one year we had tacos for Christmas.


Fab Mc:  Who is the most intelligent person you know?

Wasberg: That is a hard one, but I would say that it is the women in my life because they are always the ones I go to for advice or facts. But if I have to choose one of them I would have to say my mother.


Fab Mc:  If you had to describe yourself as an animal, which one would it be?

Wasberg: Many people describe me as a golden retriever because I’m always happy and love to help people, and I would have to agree.


Fab Mc:  What is one thing you will never do again?

Wasberg: I will never dive or jump into unknown water again, last time I did it I almost got pierced by a pole that was right under the surface where I and my friends were diving.


Fab Mc: Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Wasberg: I would say that I am a mix of both because social gatherings drains my energy but I love having people around me not necessarily interacting with them, but just knowing that they are there.



Fab Mc:  Which of the five senses would you say is your strongest?

Wasberg: I think the smell is the strongest, smell can really make or break something for me, whether it is food or a place or a person their smell is very important.


Fab Mc: Have you ever had a surprise party? (That was an actual surprise)

Wasberg: Yes, my sister and mother actually flew to New York from Sweden without telling me, to throw me a surprise birthday party. They couldn’t stop laughing at the chock on my face.


Fab Mc: What do you do to keep fit?

Wasberg: I love going to the gym and just lift weights, but sports have a warm spot in my heart, so if someone challenges me to 3v3 on the court to play some ball, you know I’m there.


Fab Mc: If you were ruler of your own country what would be the first law you would introduce?

Wasberg: Every business has to work with sustainability and environmentally friendly materials.


Fab Mc: Who was your favorite teacher in school and why?

Wasberg: My chemistry teacher in high school must be my absolute favorite, me and her used to play practical jokes on each other all the time. And one day after I graduated I got a text from her with a picture of her on a safari saying, just moved to Kenya see you later b*tches.


Fab Mc:  What three things do you think of the most each day?

Wasberg: Probably my family, the future, and acting.


Fab Mc:  If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

Wasberg: I’m not mad, I’m just thinking.


Fab Mc: What song would you say best sums you up?

Wasberg: Get down on it by Kool & the Gang


Fab Mc:  What celebrity would you like to meet at Starbucks for a cup of coffee?

Wasberg: Denzel Washington


Fab Mc: Who was your first crush?

Wasberg: My first crush was Naomi Campbell, we used to have a big portrait of her at home when I was a kid.


Fab Mc:  What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in the name of love?

Wasberg: I haven’t done many crazy things for love, but I moved to a different country to be able to stay together with my girlfriend back then.


Fab Mc: Your last remarks to your fans and our readers as well

Wasberg: Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy my future projects.

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