My life is in danger, Kololo Seed SS HM cries out

By Andrew Cohen Amvesi            

Maracha. George Adabo Yiki, the head teacher of Kololo Public Seed Secondary School has come out publicly to declare that his life is in danger.

This follows a report he wrote on October 06, 2021, exposing the rot in the shs1.9 billion construction project at the school that led to the arrest of key Maracha district officials on Tuesday this week.

 Adabo addressing the press today

Adabo claims since then, he has been receiving threatening calls from unknown people who are promising to send him to his creator.

“The report attracted the interest of other people, you can see here there is a letter written by the former Engineer, then there is also a committee from the district who did the same thing until all these reached the State House Anti-Corruption. These people managed to come here, I don’t know what they did unfortunately, they didn’t find me on the ground,” Adabo said.

“They did their own assessment and other things and went away, and I thought those things had ended. It was until last week when I was told that the concerned authorities were supposed to be arrested. But now my fear is I need protection because they are saying I’m the one who has caused all this. I have not been handling any issues of finances, I have not been doing anything concerning the project directly but why is it that it has become the issue of the head teacher, this is now my cry, what have I done?” Adabo asked.

Adabo wondered whether it is because he has been updating the district on what was going on, a reason he has turned to be the target.

“I even told them early that please, the way I’m seeing how this ceiling board is being constructed, one day the ceiling board will come down. Indeed, it happened! I was even informed this morning that they said I was the one who had brought down the ceiling board, is it really normal? Please I really need protection,” Adabo appealed in his office on Tuesday.

The headmaster said the move to deal away with him is uncalled for since he was performing his duties of monitoring the progress of the works in his school.

“Why do you blame somebody who is innocent? I’m just being targeted from the district there by the affected officers but I don’t want to mention names. So, it will really be good if we are going to be given a chance to discuss and point out some of the issues. Before doing that, why is it that it is the issue of the head teacher?” Adabo stressed.

“I want to be point blank, when I saw the budget of the whole work, there was money allocated for site handover, there was money allocated for site meetings and all these things have been facilitated by the school. If I have been laboring to spend the little resources of the school to do this work, how come I have turned out to be the target?” Adabo wondered.

When contacted over the alleged threat to the head teacher’s life, Festus Ayikobua, the Maracha RDC said he is aware of the threats, but advised Adabo to report the matter to police.

“The issue of threatening the headmaster, I have guided him to come and report that threat to the police and of course, with those numbers which are calling him. It will be the security to look for those who are threatening him and why they are threatening him,” Ayikobua said.

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