Nina Roz Lands Ambassadorial Role With I-Fern

By our Reporter

I-Fern beauty supplier yesterday endorsed singer Nina Roz as their brand ambassador. In a press conference held at Africana Hotel, Nina confirmed that she will be the face of the company for 6 months with the possibility of extending their contract more. I-fern is a natural skin beauty product-making company located at Charm towers.

As the Brand Ambassador, Nina Roz will be engaged in the business of brand marketing through her various social media platforms.

“I am happy to be part of this journey and I will do all I can to execute the responsibility given to me. I thank I-fern for trusting me and making me a part of this,” Nina Roz said.

I-fern stands for International Filipino Entrepreneurs Network Resources Network Inc. It engages in direct selling and network marketing. Continuing the legacy of its mother company (FERN), I-fern believes in a very simple concept: spreading good health while giving lucrative business opportunities to its members.

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