SELF SERVICE!Mr. Hyena gets  morning surprise package from stubborn  Jap neighbor

Sometimes one needs to be very shrewd when it comes to asking babes to surrender their v-monologues.

There is this Jap babe in my neighborhood called Awino, each time I asked her to declare her monologue, she always promised to do it the next day.

Although I had known this babe for a long time, I was not so free with her because she was so proud. But I just wanted to show her what stuff I was made of by shafting her endless come rain come sunshine.

I did not rush her into sex, but one cold evening, there was abrupt load shedding and she came to borrow a torch from my place. That is when I corned her and pressed her to part with whatever she had been promising me. When she began giggling that’s when I knew  that she was interested in whatever I was about to do to her.

Then out of the blue, she began crying and pleading with me no to rape her. I ordered her to get out of my house and for almost two weeks we never looked eye to eye. Then one Saturday, as I was seated on my door step polishing my shoes, this babe passed by  going to the bathroom. The way her butt wiggled in a towel sent a cold chill through my body. I jokingly asked her if she could let me scrub her back. She assured me that she couldn’t let me do it since I wasn’t her husband. “You know, it is just a matter of time, soon I will be your truly wedded husband,” I said. “Over my dead body, how can I get married to a well-known womanizer,” she said. “Cool down lady, I was joking,” I said. After ten minutes, I heard a knock on the door. When I opened, it was Awino, she did not say a word, but she went straight to the bedroom. She sat on the carpet, I sat next to her and asked her why she hated me that much.

Bride price

I borrowed words from Solomon’s Song of Songs and poured out my heart to her again. This time she seemed somehow moved but insisted on not letting my whopper go near her Kandahar because I hadn’t taken cows to her home. I assured her that after tasting where my cows will be going, the following day we were to head for her home. We kissed deeply as I snaked my hand into her dripping Kandahar, erotically moved my finger up and down as she wiggled her bums. When my whopper couldn’t hold it anymore, I reached for my lifeguard and dressed my whopper ready for action. She was already hissing like a snake and shaking her rough butt. When I tried to penetrate her from behind, she refused saying that it wasn’t allowed in her culture. Actually, she stuck to her guns that I had to marry her formally if at all I wanted to bonk her for life. I pleaded with her to let me at least shaft her thighs, I promised her not to put my whopper into her Kandahar.

The forbidden fruit

When she accepted, I slowly stimulated her until she started parting her thighs up to 180 degrees. Without her notice I was already jazzing her while she begged me to do it faster. Never beaten on my own game, I gave her what she had always missed by being proud and arrogant-the Hyena jazz band. She let out almost over two mugs of hot magma. I went down on her and started milking her non existing twinnies as she gushed out another round of hot magma in my mouth. I tried to digest it and there was something like millet grains in it. And that was the kind of Kandahar I had always longed for because it had been a long time since I shagged a Kandahar of a babe of that kind.

I turned her and mounted her like a goat, the grains gave me that kind of sensation I had always missed. Her Kandahar was very tight. It was like she had been mean with it. I turned her again, pinned her on the wall and pushed my whopper deep inside her Kandahar that I almost choked her. She was panting and begging me to stop. I lay down on the carpet and told her to sit on top of me and pump herself as she shook her bum. This was done for two minutes because she was complaining that her legs were hurting her. I laid her down and started doing continuous press ups on her.

River runs dry

I bonked her until her river stopped flowing. I put some saliva in her Kandahar, made her squat and I slashed my whopper in and out for over ten minutes. This time she was for real tired so I gave her a share of my Hyena jazz band once again and some little slippery liquid started coming out making a pyaka pyaka noise. She shouted on top of her voice “kenyo, kenyo,kenyo” (There, there, there) I increased the volume of the radio and hit her harder. I targeted her twin towers and hit them real hard and that’s when her muscles expanded and contracted. There I knew she was about to finish. She went native and started speaking words like “amarini gi chumyani uceli, itundo kuma mitere, ikiri iweyi” (Hyena I love you with all my heart, you are hitting the right spot, please don’t stop). All over a sudden, her muscles let loose and I knew she was almost finishing. I worked hard for my own orgasm and we finished at the same time. I thanked her for her services. She cleaned herself with my towel and rushed back to her room. It was an experience worth writing about. Folks, I have to rush somewhere.

Till then, I remain yours truly, Mr.Hyena.


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