Singer Big Eye Stings Government in New Release “Uganda Olemwa”

By Our Reporter 
As Ugandans cry about the rising essential commodity prices like fuel, soap, and salt, singer Big Eye is one who decides to counter this through his much-heard voice, and through his song “Uganda Olemwa” the singer has sent a message to the government to tame the rising prices.
Big Eye StarBoss whose controversy lies between siding with his fans and his love for the government has thrown in towel in supporting the seemingly not bothered government on the current situation of citizens.
Big Eye’s stand is now clear after stinging the government that he previously supported throughout rallies in 2016 and 2021.
Previously, Big Eye has expressed his love for the government but that seems to have changed after his pleas for the government to look into citizen matters fell on deaf ears.

Watch Uganda Olemwa here

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