The Untold story of ‘King and Christine’ in the love gone bad agony

By our reporter

Yesterday, Nation Media journalist Gabriel Buule, shared story that happened to one of his followers, whom he identified as Asingirwe Christine. A story of good date gone bad.

“His name is Bruno Kyamukaaga and he identifies himself as King. He stole a phone and money from a girl he took on a dinner date in Kisaasi,” reads Buule’s post.

In her narration, Christine says  that he met the man a few weeks ago at the Sky Hotel in Naguru. The two exchanged contacts and a few days later, the man suggested that they meet at Lishi Resort Hotel in Kisasi.

She reveals that on the day of the date, the man had no data and she decided to hotspot him. After enjoying a few drinks, she went to the washrooms to ease herself only to return to an empty seat. Christine claims that the guy ran away with her iPhone X Max, Shs100k, and did not clear the bill.

We decided to follow up this story. We visited the scene of crime, Lishi Resort Hotel to exactly find out what happened.

This is the spot where the two spent time flirting

We were lucky to land on a source who also happens to be a neighbor of the hotel. He works with a garage next to the hotel.

This source reveals to us that he actually saw the couple leaving a boda boda hand in hand to the hotel on Friday evening. He saw the same couple leave the same hotel the next day Saturday at around 4pm, in the same clothes looking exhausted but holding hands.


We went on to enter Lishi Resort and inquired about this incidence. Luckily enough we bumped into someone that visits the hotel frequently, to our luck, when we shared the story with this person, it all happened that this person knew about it and saw the couple at the hotel on Friday. He allegedly points at some rooms where the two could have shared. This source also showed us where the two sat, ordered some drinks before they could disappear to the alleged room.

This is a developing story. We shall keep you updated.

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