UNATU Sets Tough Conditions for Teachers to Return to Class, Refuses to Call Off Strike Despite Meeting with M7

A Collage of President Museveni with Baguma

The Uganda National Teachers’ Union (UNATU) has resolved to continue with their industrial action in the face of suggestions for reconsideration during a meeting with President Yoweri Museveni and the Ministry of Education held at State House in Entebbe.

On Saturday, the National Executive Council of UNATU met with President Museveni, in the presence of select Cabinet Ministers and Senior Government officials to discuss the issue of the teachers’ salary enhancement in FY 2022/23.

However, after meeting with the president and other government officials who asked UNATU to reconsider their decision to go on strike, the union insists that they will not return to classes.

‘’This therefore serves to inform the members of Uganda National Teachers’ Union and the general Public that the industrial action continues as we await the outcome of the review process’’, reads a statement signed by Baguma Filbert Bates, the General Secretary UNATU.

UNATU further claimed that their resumption of duty is dependent on how fast the Ministries of Public Service and Finance conclude the review process, whether the outcome of the said review process is satisfactory and addresses the issue of FAIR salary enhancement for all teachers across the board. ‘’Therefore, the industrial action continues and all teachers should stay at Home’’, added the statement.

In the meeting at state house on Saturday, UNATU presented to H.E the President the position of the teachers who are currently on Industrial Action over alleged discriminatory salary enhancements which breach the provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement that was signed with Government in 2018.

UNATU also noted that Government was not fully aware of the consequences of increasing salaries for one category of teachers to a tune of over 300% against nothing for all other categories of teachers.

‘’ The matter has therefore been handed to the Ministry of Public Service and Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development to review the proposed pay plan and ensure that the disharmony is rectified. This means that discussions and negotiations are still on-going’’, Baguma explained in statement.

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