NUP CRISIS! Unanswered questions for  LoP Mpuuga pile up

Wine and Mpuuga

Unanswered questions have kept piling up for the Leader of Opposition Mathias Mpuuga, a member of the National Unity Platform (NUP). Insiders at Magere intimated to us that his moves ever since he defected from DP to join NUP have kept bosses worried with most of them continuing to question his loyality and commitment to the ‘siturago’.

The move to open a personal website “” where information relating to his legislative activities will be posted is the latest to rattle “the powers that be” and equally fans.

Some fans are worried that this is one of the many tricks in his arsenal to politically eclipse some NUP bosses, especially the principal—Bobi Wine.

Fans loyal to Wine claim the NUP website was sufficient for Mpuuga who is also the Deputy President (Central Region) and other NUP legislators to use to account for the electorate but not his as an individual.

Wine camp is reportedly convinced that Mpuuga could be building a power base for future ambitions including the presidency.

“Was the NUP portal not enough to serve this purpose? At least there should be a LOP portal attached to Parliament work,” a one John Mugabi tweeted.

Marion Kafuko opined that the website would encourage a culture of “individualism” suggesting.

“…What happens when a new NUP opposition leader takes over from you?” she asked.


Money misuse, tribalism, loyality, mistrust and other allegations aside, NUP’s tailspin is a result of a covert plan to topple Bobi Wine as the principal and install a new leader in a coup that must be bloodless.

This newspaper has exclusively learnt that prominent Baganda nationalists are behind this move and their endgame is to re-establish Buganda influence in national politics especially in post Museveni era Uganda.

To do so, a new leader who has a national appeal must be installed. The move is now to force Bobi to step down for that new leader and two names have popped up— Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Mathias Mpuuga and Buganda Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga. One of these, sources say, may appear on the presidential ballot box in the near future.

In the grand scheme of things, Wine and his army of supporters have learnt about this plot and that’s why guns have been turned against Mpuuga who may even lose his LoP seat anytime from now to curtail these ambitions.

Insiders say, the plan is to have the Kabaka pronounce himself that Wine must step aside for Mayiga or Mpuuga and subjects will follow suit including Wine himself. Sources say this explains why Wine adherents don’t want to go down without putting on a fight.

Insiders say, the Buganda nationalists need someone who is not radical like Bobi but instead focused, reconciliatory, good at negotiation, patriotic, knowledgeable, an expert, experienced and above all transparent: and to them Mpuuga or Mayiga are right candidates.

Buganda nationalists or traditionalists accuse Wine of usurping Mengo powers. That whereas in the past those with political ambitions in the central region used to flock to Mengo (Kabaka) for guidance, advice and blessings, these days instead go to Magere (Wine’s home). There has been talk that ever since Wine ascended on the political stage, Ugandans and Baganda started listening to him politically and shunned Mengo (Kabaka). Magere replaced Mengo. It was always a preserve of Mengo to set political agenda for the rest of its subjects and Mengo officials’ word was always final. This has not settled well with Buganda kingdom traditionalists who believe in the alpha and omega of Buganda kingdom.

That this also explains why Mengo no longer has a say in VP, ministerial, and other key appointments like it was before. More so, it was unheard of that non Baganda like Shamim Malende (Kampala woman Mp), Derrick Nyeko Keko (Makindye East Mp) can contest in the heart of Buganda and win. Now the plan is to have Mengo play a central role in Uganda’s politics. These Buganda Kingdom traditionalists feel Mengo has lost its place in influencing politics in Uganda and this must be reversed. And Mpuuga or Mayiga can be their lightning rod.

Sources also say that had it not been pressure from Buganda Kingdom, maybe Mpuuga wouldn’t have been the LoP. Wine’s first choice was reportedly Kassanda district Woman Mp, Flavia Nabagabe Kalule. Curiously in the days leading to LoP appointment she started behaving in funny ways akin to a mad person and she had to be dropped. We are also told that whereas Wine had his people whom he wanted appointed in the LoP office to work with Mpuuga, the former’s wish was not granted and this escalated matters. Wine camp is reportedly convinced that Mpuuga could be building a power base for future presidential ambitions with Katikkiro Mayiga as chief strategist or vice versa.

With too much dissatisfaction, and political bitterness rooted in hypocrisy and suspicion, Bobi fans are reportedly accusing Mpuuga for serving some NRM bosses forgetting his role and why he was sent to parliament. That he has now turned into NRM bosses’ messenger whereby he represents them everywhere and at times delivers their messages on functions they fail to attend plus the endless dinner meet ups. Can the centre hold anymore at NUP?





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