SHAME! Intrigue @ MAAIF reaches boiling point as Minister survives office sex trap

This is strange but a True Kampala Story (TKS). And being Uganda that we are used to, everything is possible. Now a mother of all intrigues has reached a boiling point at the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF). Like we recently reported, the relationship between the technical and political wing has not been good. It has now taken a dramatic twist. The cabinet Minister is Frank Tumwebaze along with Hellen Adoa, Bright Rwamirama and others. The Permanent Secretary is Gen David Kasura. There is so much turmoil that many technocrats no longer come to office fearing to cross the path of some angry officials. When they come at all, they stay for a short time and return home because the environment is contaminated and the intrigue is too much. Now the war has taken a sex angle.

The allegation is that with camps forming some officials are now devising all means to box the other into the corner. It has now emerged that not long ago a lady whom we shall call CK in her 40s-50s but very sexy earned herself a page in the good books of one of the officials in the technical wing. This same sexy lady had never been formally confirmed into the ranks of MAAIF. However, all of a sudden these days she tells whoever cares to listen how she no longer has contract related stress and thanks to one of the top officials in the technical wing who reportedly kept his word after her passing his ‘office carpet’ interviews.

As if that is not enough the same technical wing official has reportedly recruited her in his camp to fight the political wing.

Her recent assignment was to trap one of the ministers into an office sex like affair where he would later be exposed. Being not an easy task CK started by being close to the minister in all angles posturing as his beck and call girl. His handlers were even worried that she was taking over their jobs.

A story is told that a few days ago this same minister who has been having issues to do with facilitating his office as far as inland trips/travels are concerned, decided to throw the last dice by planning one. His budget was reportedly about Shs27million, however the technical wing rejected it as exaggerated and wondered what will happen if this minister decided to have such trips monthly on top of other ministers. Surprisingly, in his last attempt before the financial year could end, it was quickly approved and he was happy that his colleagues in the technical wing had at last started appreciating his roles.

But the fact is that those planning his downfall saw it as a perfect opportunity to get on him and a plan was quickly mooted to plant this same lady (CK) into his entourage.

However, his handlers started being suspicious and alerted the minister to sober up.

The lady reportedly gave herself away after starting to inquire about the minister’s accommodation arrangements.

At this point it was agreed that they book two hotels to confuse the sexy lady who had booked herself into an adjacent room to his.

The plan was to reportedly trap the Minister into compromising sex activity aimed at subsequently blackmailing and making him hostage.

The Minister’s angels were at play. Another hotel was booked for him unknown to the sexy lady.

The handlers ensured the Minister sneaked out to sleep in another hotel which they had booked for him just for plan B away from the Hotel the sexy lady had booked.

The minister reportedly confirmed his fears when in the middle of the night, he started receiving seductive photos, messages and videos of herself throughout the night while suggesting she come over to his room, which she thought to be next to hers. Poor chap, she was behind the game!

This technical official, sources say is now very disappointed the Minister didn’t yield to his very seductive proxy’s sexual advances during the field trip. That he has now resorted to starving the Minister’s office with basic work requirements such as stationary. And the unrelenting Minister has resorted to obtaining and accessing some of this essential stationary from the Office of Prime Minister whose head Robinah Nabbanja has fully been briefed of the endless intrigue aimed at politically obliterating the Minister.

In fact, sources say the sexy babe’s unsuccessful attempt to compromise him through unsolicited sex offers has made the Minister more paranoid than ever before towards all curvaceous female staff at the same Ministry; the very reason why his assistants say he will remain lukewarm towards sitting in and working from his main office at the Ministry’s headquarters.


There are also too many sex rumors at MAAIF of big men feasting on their juniors like they are the modern day yours truly Mr.Hyena who can never exist without bonking. It’s strange that the number of cute babes seeking and getting jobs at MAAIF has lately been increasing and it could soon turn out to be the Ministry with the highest number of beauty queens who are cute and slender. Watch this space for the details in our next publication.





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