Wales Speaks Out Why They Turned Against PM Boris Johnson, Prompting His Resignation

Stakeholders have spoken out about what was the final straw and why Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson resigned from office.

Boris has been a British the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party since 2019. He announced his pending resignation on 7 July 2022, remaining as Prime Minister until a new party leader is elected.

UK PM Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson

Kerry Filer, found on Monmouth high street after says “just glad he’s gone”.

Kerry lost her brother during the pandemic and only a handful of people were able to attend his funeral.

“When we found out then that [the prime minister] was having parties and celebrating his birthday, that upset us all.”

This is true blue territory – a safe Conservative seat since the party regained it from Labour in 2005.

“I believe him to be the worst prime minister this country’s ever had,” said Andy Rainbow as he dusted a vinyl record behind his stall under the arches of the town’s Shire Hall.

Moments later Ken Butler, another stallholder said; “An absolute load of rubbish,” he began.

“Honestly, seriously, he should never have been prime minister,” Mr Butler said.

Others were less forthright in their criticism, but equally scathing.

“I used to like him, to be honest,” Michelle Hall said as she walked down the main shopping street.

“But unfortunately it’s his integrity – or lack of it – and all the lies.”

On the bank of the river, Phil Francis and Barbara Brown said ;”He did a lot of good things and a lot of not very good things, so we don’t know where we’re going now do we?” Barbara said. Before adding that she still prefers Mr Johnson to Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer.

Back at the Shire Hall, Sherren McCabe-Finlayson, chair of the local chamber of commerce, who said: “I think it’s a huge relief for businesses.

“While the Johnson government was superb in the grant schemes that we had during Covid, since that period the morale of businesses has gone continually downhill just because of the shenanigans.”

In the same spot, councillor Richard John, leader of the Conservative group on Monmouthshire council.

‘Toxic brand’

Before May’s local elections, and a bruising set of results for his party, he had a more prominent role as the council leader.

“I think the party brand has become toxic,” he said. “I want to see a new leader who will show that we are the party of working people.

“I also want to see a change in faces in the Cabinet – I think some of the Cabinet members like Jacob Rees-Mogg just perpetuate this impression that we’re a party for rich people, people who go to private school.”

The local MP and Wales office minister David TC Davies joined calls for Mr Johnson to step down on Thursday morning, hours after the resignation of his boss, Welsh Secretary Simon Hart.

Mr Davies then turned down the offer of a promotion as he “didn’t feel it would have been right” to replace Mr Hart.

So who will he back to move into Downing Street?

“You want me to give a name, but I won’t,” said a smiling Mr Davies.

“I will probably back the person who I think is the nicest of all of the candidates because I really don’t care whether they’re from: the so-called left wing, right wing, centre of the party – it doesn’t matter to me.

“There’ll be lots of good people putting their names forward, I don’t care who wins, I want somebody who can bring the country together and bring the Conservative Party together.”

In Monmouth and across the country, Conservatives know they have their work cut out to restore trust.

SOURCE: BBC One Wales,

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