CORNERED! Kenya based Gold refinery boss Farr on spot over alleged tax evasion, Congo links

A Nairobi-Kenya based gold dealer may be in trouble over links to war plagued but mineral rich Democratic Republic of Congo based gold dealers. Information obtained indicates that Kenyan authorities have picked interest in Lynnwood Farr gold deals with intent to ascertain among others where he sources the gold he allegedly trades in and whether he pays all appropriate taxes.

Farr is an American citizen who lives in different countries which include among others; the US, Canada, Switzerland, Guinea Conakry, but now is based in Nairobi, Kenya where he opened up a gold refinery in the compound of the Wilson Airport.

The new development comes at the heels of the July this year move, where  American President, Joe Biden asked the Kenyan Government through its agencies like the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to spy on American companies and individuals which his administration believes use Kenya for money laundering and to evade taxes back home.

Farr is said to be well connected to Kenyan Police officers, different African Presidents and other African leaders.

One of the multiple cases Farr is likely to face may include tax evasion and not only in Kenya but in other countries where his wings are established.




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