38 Head Teachers To Be Demoted over Poor PLE Results

School head teachers. File Photo

Over 38 Primary school head teachers in Lira district face demotion for failing to post first grades in the just released Primary Leaving Examinations results.

School head teachers. File Photo
School head teachers. File Photo

This is based on a performance agreement signed between the head teachers and the district authorities in 2012, requiring each school, to produce at least three candidates in Division I, each year.

Lira district has 94 government-aided primary schools. However, 38 of these posted poor results with no single candidate passing in Division I.

Results released by the Uganda National Examinations Board recently indicate that only 344 candidates passed in Division I, out of a total of 5,861 candidates examined from the district.  Another 2,656 passed in Division II, 1,337 passed in Division III, 838 in Division IV and 628 pupils failed.

Although the performance indicates a slight improvement compared to last year, Lira district inspector of schools Jaspher Abura says a critical PLE performance audit is ongoing to ascertain the cause of poor performances.

Abura faulted both parents and teachers for the poor performances, citing negative attitude towards supporting of school going children.

Schools that did not register any pupil in Division I, includes; Apua, Odoro, Ayami, Walela, Okio, Ayile, and Acutkumu primary schools all in Aromo Sub County, Atimikoma, Alikpot, Olilo, Ororo,and Abongorwot primary schools in Agali, Lwala, Aler,and Okwaloamara P.7 schools in Ogur Sub County.

Others are Angolocom, Orit, Wigweng P.7 Schools in Agweng Sub County, Ayamo, Alebere, Ayel, Barr, Ayira, Opem, Ober, Ajia, Tetyang, Onywako, Atira, Agweng, Igony and Akalocero P.7 schools in Barr Sub County among others.

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1 thought on “38 Head Teachers To Be Demoted over Poor PLE Results

  1. As you write on Headteachers to be demoted, the same should be done to the Headteacher of BUWENDA C/U PRIMARY SCHOOL- BUKOMANSIMBI . I have been following closely this school but the Headteacher is just pulling out even token that is injected in the school.

    Pupils pay for lunch, there is also UPE contribution from government which he puts deep in his pocket. Teachers are not provided with scheme books, pens, manillas etc. Should they have a chance of extra curricular activities in place, teachers end up injecting in their own money which is not refunded. He is never at school and his attitude towards his teachers is horrible. We are made to understand that he plays his duty games with the Inspector of Schools and District Education Officer.

    This school has promising pupils because the teachers are working hard but whenever they get to P7 they are snatched away by promising schools and make very good grades out there.

    Whoever is reading this article am giving you a task to visit this school and you might be embarrassed. I don’t know whether it is under BUKOMANSIMBI or MASAKA but something should be done. I promise, positive results will be obtained this year. The school is called BUWENDA C/U PRIMARY SCHOOL.

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