4 arrested in Kyotera over forceful marriage of a 14 year old girl

Police in Kyotera District has arrested 4 men suspected of trying to lure a 14 year old girl into marriage.

According to the Greater Masaka Police, the  4 suspects are highly linked to the alleged kidnap, trafficking with intent to forcefully marry, a 14-year-old girl victim from Kabuta LCI village, Mayanja Parish, Kakuuto Sub-county, in Kyotera district.

These suspects include Kigundu Augustine, Musiri Geoffrey, who police say they actively participated in the kidnap.

Information Police has gathered indicates that on the day of 6.08.2022, a one Kobusingye Merabu, the paternal Aunt of Kansiime Naome alias Ninsiima visited her sister Kirezi Keren, a 35-year-old mother of the victim at Kabuta village. She feigned sickness and wanted the elder daughter of her brother to go and help take care of her, until she recovered. She however, got there when the elder sister had under gone an operation and was sickly. She then switched to the 14-year-old victim. The mother of the victim initially objected, but eventually allowed her to go and help for one week from the 6th – 10th of August, 2022

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga told the media that Police has  found out that the victim and her Aunt set off on boda boda, but upon reaching Mukyombe village, located between Kabuta LCI and Kamuganja “B” LCI, the paternal Aunt started convincing her to get into marriage, which the victim rejected. They found a vehicle parked with occupants and others standing outside, who were known to the victim’s Aunt. The group of 8 men, grabbed the victim from the boda boda registration number UFK 215Y and forced her into the waiting Premio car, registration number UBB 256Y driven by Innocent Birungi of Kyotera Town Council. The victim was sandwiched between two men in the hind seat, while the paternal Aunt sat with the driver in front. The remaining 5 male suspects followed them on bodabodas, up to the home of Bataringaya in Kamuganja “B” LCI for marriage, to one of the sons.

At the destination, the victim was confined into a bedroom, where she was joined by the Aunt. She wept for all the days she was confined till 8.08.2022, when she heard the phone conversation, with the husband to her Aunt, threatening her with jail. She however, continued to counsel her and share tips on marriage. On Tuesday 9.08.2022 at around 11pm, that the Aunt gave up on her, and hired a boda boda who transported her back to her home. The victim has since been transferred to Kampala, where she is getting counselling for the trauma she went through and better management; including plans of returning to school.


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