6 Ebola Cases Reported In DRC

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A total of six suspected Ebola cases have been reported in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

The latest cases were reported in Mongo health zone in Aketi territory, 200 kilometres from the border with Central African Republic. The place is located some 700 kilometres from the Uganda border.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) announced on Wednesday that six suspected cases of Ebola fever were reported in Mongo Health district between May 1 and May 12, and with help of the World Health Organization, a medical team has been dispatched to investigate and take blood samples.


UNOCHA is said to be coordinating with the World Health Organization to handle the situation and that the blood samples have already been taken for further scrutiny.

In July last year, 16 people succumbed to the deadly virus in DRC before experts found out that it was Ebola. In total, the disease killed at least 34 people out of the 62 cases that were reported.

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