76 Mbabazi MPs Defect To Museveni Camp

President Museveni has prepared his final political brawl against his arch rival former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi after successfully fishing out 85% of key Mbabazi supporters within NRM NEC.

mbabazi sevo


The key supporters of Mbabazi who have allegedly been marketing him secretly on the ground include former NRM legislators totaling to 76 and NRM parliamentary flag bearers.

In total, they are 105 NRM parliamentary losers and have been moving around marketing Mbabazi.

Insiders in the group told us that Museveni has been courting this group which has always been bitter with him accusing him of neglect and has now responded with a bonanza to them.

We have been told that the members have prepared a whole booklet to deliver to the president containing all Mbabazi secrets and his dealings with them.

The meeting with Museveni has been slated to take place On June 18 2015 at Rwakitura.

In this meeting according to sources, the members are supposed to walk home with shs100m each courtesy of Museveni.

We have learnt that the group initially wanted shs150m each but this has been scaled down to shs100m.

On top of this bargain against Mbabazi, the president is reported to have agreed to create several constituencies so that these NRM 2011 MP losers can seek reelection.

In this meeting however, the president has restricted his dealings with only former legislators and left out other NRM candidates who stood for parliamentary seats.

The reason is that, these NRM loser MPs have been claiming that they helped him during their tenure in 8th parliament by passing several bills for him and controversial loans.

The group therefore feels it is their turn to be paid back ‘akasiimo’.

“He has summoned us on June 18 in Rwakitura. Only former MPs have been invited. The rest of the members who have never been MPs have been left out. We are going to get not less than shs100m. Mzee now thinks it is time to act politically because most of the members had been taken by Mbabazi,” sources told us.

In that meeting according to sources, the members are supposed to table all data regarding Mbabazi’s camp to the president.

They are also supposed to advise him on how he should counter the Mbabazi assault which sources claim is ‘tense’ on the ground.


When NRM caucus passed the Kyankwanzi resolution declaring Museveni sole candidate last year in February, this very group of failure MPs allegedly met at Bativa hotel.

In their meeting where even former Museveni ministers participated, the members denounced the sole candidature project.

They claimed that this project was bound to stifle democracy in NRM.

They also claimed that it was wrong for NRM caucus to ‘impose’ Museveni on them yet this is the work of the NRM delegates’ conference.

Red Pepper shortly after this resolution was passed at Bativa, published a list of names of these failure MPs though some denied this list but their signatures betrayed them. The group was chaired by Busiro east MP loser Ronald Tumwine.

During the recent NRM NEC meeting that approved new NRM secretariat bosses at state house-Entebbe, president Museveni was shocked upon seeing Mbabazi getting 103 votes yet he wasn’t in attendance in that meeting. Security immediately swung into action to establish who could have been Mbabazi moles among the delegates and it was later established that actually, the moles were these failure MPs. They are the ones voted for Mbabazi protesting Museveni’s refusal to meet them.

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