Acholi MP’s Collect Signatures to Seccede

Beatrice Anywar One of the MP's

Beatrice Anywar One of the MP's
Beatrice Anywar One of the MP’s

Members of Parliament from Acholi region yesterday kicked off a process to collect signatures threatening to break away from the rest of Uganda.
Kitgum Woman MP Beatrice Anywar says it would not be desirable that they fragment the country. However considering how far Northern Uganda has been pushed, they feel that they have had enough, are marginalized and are not desired by the government.
She adds that they had the LRA war and thought that with the recovery process, somebody would care that they recover fast. However it’s unfortunate that President Yoweri Museveni in particular has not catered for their interests which he has shown in the handling of the swindled Peace, Recovery and Development Plan funds case.
Anywar says that looking at infrastructure, education, health and development makes it seem as though Northern Uganda is part of Southern Sudan. The Kitgum woman MP says they are now ready to operationalize the creation of the Nile Republic.
However, the Acholi MP’s say the bigger problem which has been neglected is the Nodding disease syndrome which has now affected 7000 people especially children in the region.

Anywar laments that the committee led by Bitekyerezo Medard Mbarara Municipality MP instituted by Rebecca Kadaga the Speaker of Parliament has never tabled the report before Parliament for debate.
Independent MP Gilbert Oulanyah of Kilak County expressed disappointment with President Museveni whom he accuses of ordering people in Amuru to give to the Madhvani Group of Companies 40,000 acres to plant sugar cane free of charge.
Oulanyah claims that same spot is where oil was discovered, which according to the MP’s upon drilling can be used to develop the Nile Republic.

They reveal that President Museveni has asked the group from Amuru to meet the solicitor general this afternoon and finalise handing over of the land to Madhvani.
Okumu Reagan the chairman of the Acholi Parliamentary Group however sounded a different beat from what his colleagues were drumming.
He states that the feeling of separation comes when there is a problem which in this case is a leadership problem and not that of Ugandans.
He differs from his colleagues stating that this is a nation that they cannot break from but get rid of bad leaders.

However, Felix Okot Ogong Dokolo MP also chairman greater north parliamentary forum says what they need now is not secession but total reconciliation and healing. He adds that there is need to advocate for fair treatment of all members of the country.I have, therefore, concluded that this is deliberate harassment… I am convinced it is political.”

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10 thoughts on “Acholi MP’s Collect Signatures to Seccede

  1. But honestly why can’t those MP’s from that region help their people to whom they serve instead of blaming Mr. Museveni in particular.

    I understand Mr. Museveni has really worked hard to fight Kony and the whole continent has really appreciated now we have Mrs Museveni who has also worked so hard to fix some of the problems in that region.

    I really would like to advise those MP’s to stop bringing chaos again allow those people also to be at peace they have just healed from all those fights of LRA please. work together let those felt difference end please please let us have some peace.

    Thank you.

    1. What the heck are you talking about man? How can Museveni start the war and stop it and then claim to be the savior? Museveni is responsible for the genocide in Northern Uganda. He orchestrated the genocide and ethnic cleansing policy against the the Luo speaking people in particular the Acholi. Please do not talk such rubbish in front of people who were born and lived through the whole war. We know the real devil is Museveni, Kony is a freedom fighter believe it or leave it alone. Read the evidence of Museveni plane to exterminate the Acholi in a letter to his brother title, “RETHINK”. The Acholi do not attack or kill unless provoked to. In fact they have a culture of “mato-oput” which is a reconciliation and justice system which seeks to purify the victims or anybody involved in crimes or bad acts.

  2. Yes, lets secede. I am fed up too. Sujui bakoko, anyanya, badokolo. Lets leave the people alone and form our own animal republic

    1. In total support of you!! with Olara Ottunu as your President, Mao PM. Leonard O,Reagan Min of defence hahahaha, kwonkimwe abadugudugu nimunshekesa! Bon chance.

  3. Either Museveni relinquishes Power and his N RM party is buried or the North establishes its own Autonomous State otherwise the People in the North have been forgotten in the Government of N RM.

  4. I do not think that actually MP Beatrice Anywar think that seceding from Uganda is a silver bullet to solve the problems that face the Ugandan Citizens in Acholi. Yes it is true that all politics is local, and it is her right to advocate for what she thinks of those she represents in parliament, she should have given a survey oh her electorate before advocating for her views. The same sentiments were expressed by Mr Mao before, but I am surprised that such sentiments did not hurt Mao when he was vying to lead DP so he could have a go leading all Ugandans yet he nourishes a fragmented Uganda. We are stronger as a nation when united.

  5. Indeed one sympathizes. It is the same dilemma the State of Buganda experiences. The MPs from Buganda do not represent the State of Buganda. They represent their political parties and their stomach. Buganda by now would not be where it is now.

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