Africell launches the O’fwono Tooti bundle

Africell Uganda continues to lead the way in the telecom industry with revolutionary affordable pricing for their voice and data bundles.


The giant telecom that was last year ranked the number one telecom in terms of internet data speeds unveiled the O’fwono Tooti bundle this morning.

For just 500 shillings, Africell customers can now get 30 voice minutes charged per second to be used in a period of one hour.

The O’fwono Tooti Bundle pricing makes it the lowest and most affordable bundle offer on any telecom network in Uganda.

Africell which in October last year also unleashed the King of the Bundles offer which combines voice and data calls bundles promises to keep the rates affordable for their customers.

Besides this low charge bundle, Africell also has offerings for their customers whose preference is data with their packages that are similarly lowly priced.

Milad Khairallah, Africell’s Chief Commercial Officer says these offers are in line with the telecom’s vision to give their customers services that are affordable and the best in the market.

“Africell has always looked out for its subscribers. We strive to give them services that are the best, are affordable and are of good quality. Our coverage caters for nearly the whole of Uganda. We want everybody on our network to have a package that suits their tastes”. Africell has also previously been awarded the best network rating for surpassing customer services levels expected of telecoms by the Uganda Communications commission.

The telecom company has strongly put emphasis on the need for affordable call rates to enhance easy communication and facilitate faster business transactions especially for the growing number of SME’s that run then Ugandan economy. Other offers that Africell has previously offered its customers includes the popular Tokota 500 which gives the customer 15 talk time minutes, Tokota 1,000, free night calls from 12pm to 6am and other voice and data bundles that have been hailed as the cheapest in the market.

“At Africell, we still consider our customers as our biggest asset and as such we will continue to give them the best and most affordable rates of any network. Our range of cheap services will continue to flow as we grow” Milad Khairallah closes it off.

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