By Emmanuel  Ogwok
Alliance in motion commonly known as AIM Global is a pyramid money-generating company that encourages people to deposit their monies and keeps adding more people under them to keep earning money. The more people you add, the more money you earn in a percentage.  This company originates from Thailand.
Today, Police in Soroti city have arrested the leaders of AIM Global, for holding an illegal training and recruitment exercise in Atootih at 10 am through intelligence.
According to the PRO of East Kyoga police SP Ageca Oscar, the company had recruited people from Lira, Paliisa, Busoga, and around Uganda in disguise of offering them well-paying jobs and business earnings.
This company is targeting people who are unemployed and ready to do anything for money when they undergo the training of earnings and opportunities the company has secured for them in this hard economy.
A total of 30 people comprising the trainers who had gathered at the venue have all been detained at CPS Soroti city and the people who had been illegally recruited were meant to pay between nine hundred thousand shillings (900,000ugx) and one million three hundred thousand shillings (1,300,000).
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