Airport Commandant Ignored His Health- Kayihura

IGP Kale Kayihura had warned police officers not to ignore their health and to always go for regular medical checkups.

Kayihura was talking at the requiem service of Colleb Mwesigye the former commandant of Entebbe airport Aviation Police who died on Monday aged 37.

Mwesigye had been admitted at Nakasero Hospital for weeks and in the Intensive Care Unit when he breathed his last to the horror and shock of many who thronged All Saints Church to pay their respects.

Kayihura told mourners at church: “You should always go for medical checkups. Had he gone for checkup and been open about his illness, we could have done something and he would still be alive.”

Kayihura seemed to allude that Mwesigye knew about his medical condition but was not open about it with his bosses in the police force when he said; ‘we could have done something and he would still be alive.’

The police chief said the Police will soon start a mandatory medical insurance policy for all serving Police officers.

He did not give any time lines on when the scheme would start and if it would force police officers to undergo mandatory medical checkups before signing up.

Annet Mwesigye with her child born to the late Colleb Mwesigye

Annet Mwesigye the wife to the deceased described Mwesigye as a loving man and a friend. She said Mwesigye started getting strong headaches and went to Nairobi Hospital for medical care.

He said the headaches became persistent and even with medication, Mwesigye would not get any relief. She said further scans indicate that he had a tumor in the brain.

The two had a son named Joshua.



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  1. The deceased’s wife said her husband had HEADACHES and even went to Nairobi for treatment,………….”We could have done something”……..”we shall soon start a medical insurance policy” too late Afande, this should have started long ago!

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