Alex Muhangi

Crackers CEO Alex Muhangi is set to perform at the Laftaz comedy show this evening for the first time.

Alex Muhangi
Alex Muhangi

Alex who received a fat cheque to perform at the centenary park based Laftaz Lounge says that he is happy and delighted to be forming at one of Uganda’s biggest comedy show.

“I feel good and delighted to be the guest performer tonight. I will thrill the comedy lovers with fresh and hilarious rib cracking jokes,” said Alex.

This Year, the Mirinda sponsored show embarked on giving revelers the value for their money by inviting experienced and well known comedians.

The One man comedy show started in January with Amooti Omubalanguze who proved that he was born a comedian and he is still going strong after he lost his working partner Paddy Bitaama. Paddy died of skin cancer early this year.

He was followed by Patrick Salvador Indrig who also wowed the revelers and this time it’s the funniest Mukiga to wow the crowds.

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