Alex Muhangi Releases Another Bang!!!

By Our Reporter
Comedian now turned singer Alex Muhangi has released his brand new music video titled Number one
A few hours after the release of the song on YouTube his fans were over the moon congratulating the Kabale-raised boy for breaking and conquering new grounds. The comment section is lit with praises given to the artist.
Below are some of the comments praising Alex Muhangi’s latest banger:
Sarah Laa: I never knew that Mr. Alex has a sweet voice banange anti it is my first time to hear him singing but his voice is as good as Liam’s and Unknown’s big up man
ANDONA.256: Ehh Muhangi how did your voice transition from the previous song to this. Actually my view the other song looked kinda primary one this is professionalism bro. whatever u have been doing I believe is called working hard. BIG UP BRO U ARE A STAR
Paye Salimu: Muhangi you have killed this one you’re really talented. This one is better than Entogo big up man. Let me hope you gonna drop more soon
Selvester Tulyasingura: This Mukiga is becoming another problem in town alooo
 The song was produced by one of the best producers in Uganda Artin Pro and the video was shot by Sasha Vybes a clear sign he invested quite a fortune to produce it. Alex Muhangi has previously done songs like something good, Anita, One for the road, and more.

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