Am in Love But Still A Virgin – Alicia Boss-Chic

By Fab Mc

I bumped into Alicia Kembabazi aka the boss chic again. She is a socialite and a party hostess. Below is our conversation.

FabMc: Happy to see you again dear

Alicia: Happy to see you My Fab Mc you look great!!!

FabMc:Thank you but stop making me blush hahaha…..ok today we wont jazz mob just few quick questions for you is it cool?

Alicia:hahaha ok Cool lets go


FabMc: Who inspires you Alicia

Alicia: Kim Kardashian

FabMc: How do you spend your days in the lockdown?

Alicia: I enjoy myself alone; I do live videos on my social media pages. I love talking and entertaining my fans


FabMc: What plans do you have after lockdown?

Alicia: I will resume my usual work of hosting parties in night clubs and bars and am even thinking of visiting my friends abroad.

FabMc: Are you in a relationship?

Alicia: yes I am


FabMc: What advice would you give to young girls who do prostitution for money?

Alicia: They have to know there is no money in prostitution, even when you get it, it has no luck. And AIDS is real and it kills


FabMc: Ever had sex for money

Alicia: Am even virgin that means I have never had sex for anything.

FabMc: Final message to our readers

Alicia: Women should learn to work hard and not depend on men. There are successful women too such as Oprah Winfrey, you can also be there. My fans thanks for loving me and please keep on following me on my social media @ALICIA BOSSCHIC

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