Amama Targets M7 Men with Private Hospitals


Through his right hand man Adam Luzindana, the ex-Premier Amama Mbabazi has embarked on a project to profile all key government officials who having lost confidence in the national medical system have lately been constructing mini hospitals at their own homes.

Amama Mbabazi
Amama Mbabazi

Sources say that Mbabazi has confirmed that at least 25 top government and military officials have bought their own private dialysis machines to ensure they don’t die from kidney failure and other emergencies since Mulago hospital has one of the oldest dialysis machines in the world.

Mulago’s poor dialysis facilities were exposed recently when singer Harriet Kisakye died due to failure to be put on a dialysis machine.

Luzindana confirmed that indeed the JPAM camp was out to make this a campaign issue in order to expose Museveni’s neglect of Mulago.

On average it costs between $0.5m &$1m to have a dialysis machine but poorly funded Mulago hasn’t bought any since the 1960s.

This has prompted wealthy citizens, some of them swindlers in government, to buy and install their own dialysis machines which private doctors are hired to operate from their homes.

The dialysis machine is used to stabilize the kidney and cleaning the blood ridding it of unwanted waste products.

Luzindana claims to have established in his JPAM assignment that some government and military officials have declined in productivity at work “because they are unprofessionally using these private dialysis machines-by connecting themselves for about 5 hours a day fearing to slip into coma if a day passes without using the machine. So we are talking about 5 working hours lost per day.”

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