American Gunman At Nalufenya, Faces Terror Charges

The Police could prefer terrorism charges against American citizen found with an assortment of military hardware at his home over the weekend.

Police spokesperson, Emilian Kayima, says Mr Paul Rodgers Mathias, who was apprehended over domestic violence charges was being detained at Nalufenya and the police are pondering what charges to prefer.

Kayima said: ‘We are interrogating him at Nalufenya and we want to understand how he got these weapons which are a monopoly of the army. By virtue of these weapons which we recovered from his home; he might be charged with terrorism and arms smuggling but we are yet to conclude.’

Some of the weapons found at Mathias’ home

He added: ‘We are investigating circumstances under which he brought these weapons into the country without being detected at the airport. We are reviewing all his travel records to establish who cleared him and what items did he possess on his entry.’

“For every property cleared, there are documentations and there’s a well laid down procedure and whoever cleared and did not follow the procedure will have to answer why or why not. We are looking at so many things including international and the law the law here.”

Immigration officials had in March last year at Entebbe International Airport confiscated a rifle Mathias had brought in the country without legal clearance.

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  1. So he also carried weapons on aircrafts or on board flights to Ug? Such airlines should also be questioned for allowing him travel/fly weapons on board, and for complicity in bringing illegal arms to ug.

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