Amnesty International Calls For Nyanzi’s Release


Amnesty International Calls For Nyanzi’s Release

Rights Body Amnesty International has launched a worldwide appeal to pressure the government of Uganda to immediately and unconditionally release Dr. Stella Nyanzi from incarceration.

AI declared Nyanzi a prisoner of conscience being ‘held solely for exercising her right to freedom of expression.’

In a worldwide appeal calling for URGENT ACTION Amnesty International wants members of the public to send appeals for Nyanzi’s immediate release to the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, The Inspector General Of Police and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as to members of the diplomatic corps.

“Please write immediately in English or your own language: i. Calling on the Ugandan authorities to immediately and unconditionally release Dr. Stella Nyanzi as she is a prisoner of conscience held solely for her peaceful expression. ii. Urging them to comply with Uganda’s obligations under the constitution and international human rights law to respect, protect and fulfill her rights to liberty and freedom of expression. iii. Urging them to ensure that she is protected from torture and other ill-treatment pending her release.”

Nyanzi was arrested on April 7 and charged in court on April 10 with abusing the president and describing him as a ‘pair of buttocks’. She was remanded to jail until April 25 when court will make a ruling on a Prosecution’s application whether to subject her to a mental examination. Her application for bail was not heard during her court appearance.

Nyanzi has gained notoriety for her Facebook posts tinged with a salacious and vulgar flavor. In court, she pleaded not guilty to the charges labeled against her and said her language is full of metaphors which she uses to protest government misdeeds.

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