Most Ugandan music fans must be well conversant with Anita Da Diva famous for hits like Dance overnight and ‘Zero Zero’ that took various playlists by storm.


Anita who recently gave birth to a bouncing baby, left fans at Freedom city optically satisfied after she slapped them with her speculated wide wrinkled and gigantic bean

While performing at the ‘Juicy Explosion’ concert by Radio and Weasel,

Anita made sure that fans with sharp eyes got dividends of VIP section, by serving them with clothed meat.

While dancing around the stage, the skimpy-dressed ‘bad girl’ squatted and created space between her legs, exposing her well covered bean in black panties.

According to our on-ground snoops, she got more cheers whenever she made her would be private parts public.

For starters, Anita was rumored to be romantically involved with Weasel and some fans believe Weasel is the father of her newly born baby.

Even though she sounds gangsta, Anita has one of the sexiest thick bodies in the industry, not to mention her yummy thighs.

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