Another Woman Kidnapped, Murdered In Kampala

A man has been arrested by police following the kidnap, rape and murder of his estranged wife in Kampala.

Monday Baturaine, was taken into police custody for questioning after the discovery of his wife’s body in banana plantation where she had been allegedly raped and murdered a day after she had gone missing.

According to police sources, she didn’t return home and the next morning her family received a phone call demanding ransom. Her captors using Kyohairwe’s telephone number demanded Shs5m to be sent via mobile money or she would be killed. They demanded that the police shouldn’t informed.
The family immediately started fundraising to raise the ransom but also notified the police at Katwe Police Station which advised them not to send the money. The Police told the family they would arrest the kidnappers and rescue Kyohairwe.
The kidnappers had asked the family to send the ransom to a mobile number. Upon checking they found the line was registered in the names of Kasifa Nyakaisiki.
The family ignored the police’s advise and sent part of the money they had pooled to the kidnappers via mobile money and promised to send the balance later.
When the family called the kidnappers’ phone number to confirm if they had received the money sent a voice confirmed receiving the money but asked that they shouldn’t send the balance and that they should instead go pick the body from the morgue.
The kidnappers told the family that they were angry because the family had chosen to involve with the police.
‘Since you have decided to work with the Police, go to the mortuary at Mulago tomorrow and pick your body,” a man’s voice reportedly told the family.
The family went to the morgue and found Kyohairwe’s decomposing body. It has been delivered the previous evening after being discovered lying in a banana garden in Nalukolongo near the railway tracks.
Kyohairwe had two children aged 7 and 3 and was separated from the father of the children who has been arrested in relation to the crime.

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  1. If government does not capture and make public executions of these kidnapers, that enterprise will grow and make uganda a total failed state.

    1. True but the government too is full of mafia right from its head. So sad. On another issue, i deeply feel for red pepper and the journalist who were innocently rocked up when they brought breaking news about m7 and Kagame & with all that has been going on, you and I now know how accurate they were. Uganda is a real shithole country

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