Anti-Gay Bill should Reflect Donor Interests – EU

EU Ambassador Kristian Schmidt.

EU Ambassador Kristian Schmidt.
EU Ambassador Kristian Schmidt.

The signing of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill into law should take into account the protection of donor interests, the head of the EU Delegation to Uganda Kristian Schmidt says.

Ambassador Schmidt in an interview with local media says Europe’s partnership with Uganda is built on development of common principles such as human rights. These include no persecution of minorities on the basis of sex, religion, gender and sexual orientation.

Parliament, last month passed the controversial bill criminalizing, outlawing and providing harsh jail terms for same sex relationships in the country

Ndorwa West MP David Bahati first introduced the bill in 2009 with a death penalty clause for some homosexual acts. It was briefly shelved when Donor countries threatened to withdraw aid to Uganda, saying the law disregards principles of foreign policy.

Parliament however passed the bill supplanting the death penalty provision with a proposal of life in prison for “aggravated homosexuality. The bill is now awaiting presidential assent.

But amidst protests last week, President Yoweri Museveni told the NRM Party Caucus that he would only assent to the controversial Bill if he gets scientific proof that homosexuality is not a genetic and biological problem.

Ambassador Schmidt says Uganda should take into consideration its cooperation with the European Union.

The EU ambassador adds that labeling homosexuals abnormal is wrong. This is based on a December 28th letter to Parliamentary Speaker Rebecca Kadaga in which President Museveni described homosexuals as abnormal and in need of economic empowerment.

However, Ambassador Schmidt does commend President Museveni for seeking ways to deal with the sexual minority group.

The President has 30 days under Article 91(3) of the constitution to assent to the Bill or return it to Parliament with a request that it be revised on a particular provision.  He has so far surpassed the sated days by seven.

The Constitution under Article 91(6) is mandated to reconsider the bill and pass it again and resend it to the president. If the president rejects the law twice, the speaker can cause a copy to be laid before the House for it to be passed into law, with a two-thirds majority, without presidential assent.

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26 thoughts on “Anti-Gay Bill should Reflect Donor Interests – EU

  1. Anti-Gay Bill shouldn’t Reflect Donor Interests nor to respect any fools thinking from any where in the world Just because Uganda is a poor country.Let the money and all help from donor countries be kept in their countries and leave Uganda to stay with God and God alone.

    1. I hope you do not get things mixed up! Which God are you talking about? Why are we poor? Do we know who we are? Let us for once be serious!!

      1. Let me not think you are blaming God for our poverty. Our seriousness should be in working hard to get out of poverty. Hard work and education for ourselves and our children.

  2. Human Right or whatsoever should only fight for what is within the human sense not a lifestyle that is even below animal sense bcos animals even have enough sense not to descend that low.

  3. This Kristian Schmidt guy is a joker, does he know that we have a cherished culture in Uganda, why does he want our laws to reflect the wishes of the Europen Union. How about our own aspirations, our traditions, our religious sentiments, our cultures and our history.

  4. Please stop your donations. if we suggested that EU countries take on the culture of female circumcision, would you accept it? coz in some african cultures it is done willingly.

    1. I think you mean female mutilation, and willingly isn`t a word I`d use ! – I doubt EU will be accepting it any time soon since it`s another one of those human rights abuse thingys that we aren’t terribly fond of. Thanks for the withdrawal of your begging bowl though , now all you have do is to convince” Museveni the wise” lol

      1. i know people from those tribes that are willing to be “mutilated” as you call it. its a custom in some cultures just like homosexuality has been taken on as a custom in the west. so illd suggest that every region or country keep their customs. those who wish to be gay, let them move to EU.

        1. Homosexuality isn’t a custom. No doubt female mutilation is a “man made” custom, just another way to oppress women, and another human rights abuse that so many Ugandans seem to be happy with. We used to burn witches in England ,trade in slaves,colonise foreign lands etc but we grew and learned from our errors,it’s what humans are supposed to do – one day maybe Uganda and other “backward countries”will do the same.Fmale genital mutalation is barbaric and more often than not performed on not women,but young girls who have no choice in the matter.

  5. Amb. i hope you have been misquoted otherwise you have only recently presented credentials and already playing with the lion’s tail?? If you are development partners, stick to development issues and let Ugandans determine what they want.

    1. Duh. It’s why the ambassador is telling you what to do. Ugandans have never known what they want which is why they fail to see the contradiction between talking about their culture and religion. In your culture you walked around naked, beating bongo bongo drums. Now you wear miniskirts and stick disgusting weaves on your heads – to look like white people. And of course if you are talking about your religion, it should be the nsaasi and bukalabanda of our masabo. Are you? See why you are confused and must be led to wherever by white people?

  6. Fellow Ugandans, open your eyes and acknowledge the truth that lies before you and which you cannot miss. The anti-Christ organizations such as EU and UN where created for one, and only one, purpose: to prepare the world for the coming of antichrist. These organizations are Lucifer’s tools, which this dark spirit, and his hordes from hell, uses to seduce (and, where necessary, force) mankind into rebellion against God.

    The EU and UN are at the forefront in the promotion of all that is against God and His holy commandments. Who else, if not Satan, would have a vested interest in promoting rebellion against Almighty God? Therefore these are satanic organizations which promote abominations such as sodomy, the rite of the fallen angels.

  7. So let us get it clear, is Uganda’s partnership with Europe based on homesexuality? Please God forbid but Europe better keep their Sodom acts plus donations than spreading that curse over in Uganda-we are Africans who have got cultural values and norms

  8. In order to hasten to meet a prosperous future, Uganda needs to promote modernization and transformation in the mindset, attitudes and behaviors of its citizens. Never at one time should we accept to be intimidated by alien interests that do not push us forward but tie us in peonage.

  9. Africa is going through another phase of colonisation. While wazungu used “civilising mission” as their excuse to colonise the rest of the world. Now the excuse is “human rights”. A word that almost has no meaning.

  10. This what you get when you choose to eat more than you produce!!! You budget for the money you do not have and what do you expect? You want foreign aid, so dance the tune!

  11. Donors should go back to there rotten countries. We are tired of these antichrist policies. They should pack up and go away

  12. Seriously, get over your issues with anal sex-from what I can gather,you don’t have the same issues with lesbians, seemingly because it doesn’t involve anal sex! News flash – many hetorosexual couples also enjoy anal sex,but none of you would be willing to admit to it! Why? Because if you admitted to it, you think that people would label you with having “gay tendencies” !

  13. You’re entitled to your opinion, as is everyone. Not everybody in the West approves of homosexuality either, but there’s a big difference between between disaproving of homosexuality, and making a law against it.
    To be part of the EU, we in the UK have to abide by a lot of laws that we arn’t neccessarily happy about, but that’s the price if we want to be part of the EU and enjoy the advantages (such as they are) .
    Ultimately, a law will never change a persons sexuality, been there and done that in the UK, and it didn’t work!

    1. i think the democratic or “developed” way to do it is to have a referendum. let the people choose what they want. the majority vote should pass or cancel the bill.

      1. You kind of missed my point really.. But that aside, laws should be in place to protect people. How a law against homosexuality protects anyone is beyond me, homosexuals arn’t wild animals that go around forcing themselves and their sexuality on others!
        As for the “believers” who believe it’s a sin and sinners will go to hell – well surely that’s the “sinners” choice – while they arn’t hurting anbody else, why not leave them alone . Ultimately, let “God” judge them,not man!

        1. i dont have a problem with homosexuals coz we all have our evils, its between one and his God. the only problem i have is for one imposing it on us because they are giving us aid. and a society should be able to choose what they want to have in their community. otherwise homosexuals,straights, they are all welcome to our church. we are all Gods children.

          1. It’s not really about imposing anything though.It’s about making choices. It’s just a fact that if this bill becomes law the reality is that Uganda will probably lose some funding ,investments and certainly tourism will suffer,and don’t anyone comfort themselves with the thought that it’s only gay people who won’t visit Uganda. Uganda isn’t some downtrodden victim . Most countries have to make choices and sometimes compramise if they want to be part of something bigger and benefit economically . If we were all to just “go it alone” and not abide by certain laws, the world would be a very scary place indeed!

      2. Just out of curiosity though, since you seem relatively intelligent – why are you so againt homosexuality, is it just about religion?

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