Are Men’s Nipples Sensitive?


Do guys get turned on by nipple play? If so, how do I do it?


Men’s nipples can be carnal command centers. Comprised of the tips, plus the pigmented circular area surrounding them known as the areola, they have the same nerve-packed pleasure receptors that yours do.

But, all dudes are different, so the only way to know what kind of nipple play your guy wants is to experiment with various manual and mouth moves when you’re in the sack.

Since men’s n-zones are often neglected, and therefore not accustomed to stimulation, they might be supersensitive to touch.

So make sure you start out gently, then gauge how much pressure to apply by how he responds to your strokes.

You can try awakening his hot buttons point by tracing the outside of his areola with your finger, brushing his tip as you complete full circles.

Then, lick around his nipples, zeroing in on each tip by flicking your tongue back and forth, finishing up with a gentle bite.

Or, place your lips over each bull’s-eye and gently suck. If he wants you to play a little rougher, try nipping him a bit harder, or tweak the tip between your thumb and forefinger.

You can up the erotic ante even more by moistening the area with ice, then blowing on the wet surface.

The change in temperature of your warm breath against his cold skin will send shock waves of bliss coursing through his body.

Try some mattress multitasking — stimulating his nipples with one hand while giving him manual pleasure with the other; handling his headlights as you’re doing the bump-and-grind — and you’ll really electrify him.

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