Arinaitwe Rugyendo Named Jada Coffee Board Chair

Mr Arinaitwe Rugyendo, the Board Chairperson, Jada Coffee.

Mr Arinaitwe Rugyendo, the Board Chairperson, Jada Coffee.

Kampala – Jada Coffee has appointed veteran journalist and STEM Education champion, Mr Arinaitwe Rugyendo board chairperson.

The announcement was made by the management who took on Twitter to say, “Dear Jada Coffeholics, we introduce our first Board chairman, the one and only Mr Arinaitwe Rugyendo who will be working hard to ensure we step into future! We welcome him on board. Please show him some love.”

Rugyendo welcomed the appointment and promised the best for the company.

“Thank you Jada Coffee for the honour! I have enjoyed the unique aroma that comes with special Ugandan beverage! We will take this to the boardrooms here and abroad!” he said on twitter.

Jada Coffee Boss, Jackie Arinda aka Madam CEO

He added that, “Acronym for first names of the founders. As you work hard about removing the dictator, how about helping Jada Coffee find its way into US shelves? You will have changed the lives of our farmers in a fundamental way.”

Who is Arinaitwe Rugyendo

Arinaitwe Rugyendo is a Ugandan Journalist with 20 years of experience in Media Entrepreneurship. He has honed skills in Journalism and Communication, International Marketing, Branding, Sales & Marketing, Public Relations, Social Research, Social Media Marketing, STEM EDUCATION, Artificial Intelligence & Editorial Consultancy.

A Desmond Tutu Leadership Programme Fellow and Leader at Crans Montana Forum, Rugyendo closely followed and written extensively on Regional Integration, Geo-politics, Pan-Africanism, Investment, and Trade.

Rugyendo is currently the Founder and Managing Director of e2 Young Engineers Uganda, a STEM Education programme skilling children aged between 4 and 15 years using a LEGO and Robotics Curriculum in order to groom them into the next generation of Ugandan Scientists, Technologists, and Problem Solvers.

He is also the Chairman of Uganda Premier League, Uganda’s elite soccer league!

About Jada Coffee

Jada Coffee Limited is a registered coffee company that focuses on selling Ugandan based roasted and brewed coffee. They source coffee directly from farmers and pay a better price for our coffee as a sign of support to the farmers and all the hard work that they do earlier on in our process. By supporting them, they can continue to prosper.

Jada Coffee Limited is certified and monitored by Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) to ensure quality and consumer protection to the coffee clients.

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