Babe Parades Soupy Boobs, Leaves Men Panting Like Tired Dogs


If you are the type of person who sleeps at night, there is a lot that goes by without you noticing but thank God, our snoops are always on ground to bring you exclusive scenes.


On Friday night last week, Club Amnesia along Jinja road was stormed by a sexy, yummy and booblicious babe famously known as Katrina Uwamahoro clad total in a see -through top that left many dudes yearning and panting like tired dogs.


She stormed the club straight from Theatre La Bonita where the annual Zzina Awards were held, an event she attended in a blue dress.


She turned up in club Amnesia with all her firm apple like and sharp pointed boobs on display since her top was as good as being naked. The salivating men were left with nothing to imagine about God given chest.


After being spotted by fellow revelers, several men were seen trying to get closer to her, to catch a glimpse of her firm and well placed tits.

However, on several occasions she was seen trying to cover up her boobs, indicating that she was not comfortable in her night attire.

According to sources, Katrina is a regular attendant at Amnesia and she is said to be a tight buddy of Galaxy FM’s DJ Kris.

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