Bad Black Missing Ex-Lover Greenhalgh


Bad Black Missing Ex-Lover Greenhalgh

Days after her return from Ghana, snoops have established that all is not well with socialite cum singer Bad Black real name Shanita Namuyimba Latiffah.

The former Luzira Prison inmate is said to be seriously missing her on and off ex-lover David Greenhalgh.

Ever since she returned from the West African state late last week, Black has been going around telling pals that the loaded Briton pensioner is the only man that truly loved her.

It should be noted that Greenhalgh officially dumped Black and cut all ties for good after hooking another babe identified as Parks Dee Laker, a US based engineer.

Greenhalgh even threw a mega Shs50m birthday party for his new catch at his posh Kololo mansion.

He is believed to have done this to get back at Bad Black and show her that she is no longer worthy of his money.

However, Black seems to have just realized how important Greenhalgh was in her life and is regretting.

Black goes on to say how she is lonely and yearning for the pensioner’s love and the happiness she felt when she was still with him.

The mother of three also says she is sorry for any pain she caused in his heart and will always remember him as the only true ex-lover.

“I am lonely looking for your love and happiness. Am sorry if there is anything that I did or talked about that caused pain in your heart and will always remember you as my true ex-lover” she posted on her Facebook wall.

Black however consoles herself reasoning that life does not stop with him and that she will soon completely move on and be able to hook another man who will be better than him since he was not the last man.

“My friends and single but searching next week” she adds. Sources close to Black further reveal that she returned from Ghana very broke and is now grassing and desperate since Greenhalgh cut off the cash flow.

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