Ban Importation of Used Undergarments

The Clerk to Parliament has received a petition from Worldwide African Congress that seeks to empower local manufactures and ban the importation of second hand underwear.

ban garmet

Handing over the petition to the Clerk on Wednesday, August 19, 2015, the Chairperson of the advocacy group, Mayambala Wafrika, said government needs to give its citizens first priority in the award of contracts so that they can grow their potential to boost local production.

“We believe that Government should carter to the needs of its citizenry first,” Mayambala said, warning that giving foreign firms carte blanche to import used undergarments into the country predisposes Ugandans to grave health risks.

The Clerk to Parliament, Mrs. Jane L. Kibirige, informed the petitioners that their petition would be forwarded to the Legal Department for drafting before it will be presented to Parliament for consideration.

It was the prayer of the petitioners that Parliament expeditiously passes legislation that grants local industries priority in the award of government contracts. The petitioners proposed a legislation, ‘Made in Africa Bill’ to among other things provide incentives, tax-breaks and favours to local businesses; ban the importation of second-hand underwear and ensure that public sector contracts are reserved for local enterprises unless there is no local capacity to deliver the good or service.

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