Baryamureeba Crowds Shock Nation, Threatens to Quit the Race

As presidential campaigns enter second day, former Makerere University Vice chancellor Professor Venansius Baryamureeba yesterday suspended campaigns after first rally in Kayunga citing security concerns.


Baryamureeba who is contesting as independent candidate said he may consider quitting the race altogether if he is not provided with sufficient security.

While in Kayunga district yesterday, Baryamureeba shocked the nation when he was seen addressing nonvoters.

His rally was full of children below 5yrs.

On Sunday, Prof Barya argued that Presidential candidates are Very Important Persons (VIP) must be provided with sufficient security.

“The security of a Presidential Candidate is the responsibility of the state. VIP protection involves making sure that the person they’re protecting can carry out his/her normal daily routines with as little fuss as possible. Often this involves anticipation, preparation, and planning for any contingency that places the person in any type of danger or conflict,” he posted on his Facebook page.

He added; “I was greatly disappointed when the Chairman of the Electoral Commission, without shame told one of the Presidential Candidates that she is free to use a boda boda (motorcycle) and the guards shall be able to guard her.”

He said all vehicles in which the Presidential Candidate travels should be part and partial of the security detail and the state must provide it with a highly trained VIP driver.

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  1. President Museveni was right when he referred to him as little boy now with small boys surrounding him as he’s supporters..

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