Bats Take Over Health Centre

Bats Take Over Health Centre

A battalion of bats has invaded a government health facility in northern Uganda, putting both medics and patients under siege.

Our Snoops reveal  that Alyec-meda Health Center II in Amolatar  district has become some hell on earth of sorts for patients after potbellied, muscled and bummy bats colonizing the facility.

Rose Okwongo, an expectant mother who had gone for antenatal services said that “Many of my colleagues have abandoned the health centre because of the smell and noise made by the bats.” She added that “Every time I visit and take long at the health centre I vomit because of their stench.”

The bats have colonised all the health centre departments, the outpatient and the staff quarters are the worst affected. James Okwir, the in-charge of Alyec-meda health Centre II, says that the mammals invaded the health centre more than five years ago and attempts to get rid of them have been in vain.

He noted that even the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UDPF) deployed a squad of commandos to fight the bats during the Tarehe Sita activities but that even these well-trained commandos couldn’t handle the Ninja-like bats.

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