Bebe Cool Concert For Serena

Bebe Cool is 36 years old now

Gagamel Phamily boss Bebe Cool has decided to join the elite class of musicians who have their Album concerts at Kampala Serena hotel.

Bebe Cool on Stage thrilling her fans
Bebe Cool on Stage thrilling her fans

Bebe Cool said that his next concert Best of Bebe Cool will be held at Serena Hotel in Kampala on August 9.

Bebe Cool also promised to give his best at the concert with his latest hits like Nyonyi Nkeze, What Kind Of Man, Cocodiosis and many more.

Songstress Juliana Kanyomozi is the latest Ugandan to have a concert at Serena Hotel.

Who is Bebe Cool?

Moses Ssali well known as Bebe Cool was born on September 1 1977 is a ragga musician from Uganda.

He started his career around 1997 in Nairobi, Kenya, but a few years later he moved back to his native country.

Together with Redsan and his compatriot Chameleone, Bebe Cool was one of the first artists affiliated with Ogopa DJs, a production house and record label in Kenya.

Bebe Cool has won several awards at the Pearl of Africa Music Awards (PAM Awards).

He was nominated for the Kora All-African Awards in 2003 and 2005. He has toured in the UK,US and his latest international being in Zimbabwe where he battled it out with the Nigeria’s Coco master D’banj.

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