Bebe Cool’s Video Vixen Dead

Cadra Faith Tushabe is dead


Bebe Cool’s video vixen and a diehard member of  Gagamel Family, Cadra Faith Tushabe is dead.

Cadra Faith Tushabe is dead
Cadra Faith Tushabe is dead

“More sad news as Gagamel family has lost one of its strong diehard members CADRA TUSHABE FAITH,” Bebe Cool posted on his Facebook page

The cause of her death has not been identified yet but sources reveal that she has been battling strange illness for some time.

In loving memory, The Gagamel band will have a special band session at Club Amnesia to celebrate her life.

“Death a cruel thief, nipping young shoots in their bud. Now this one is gone. A core Gagamel family member. We mourn and celebrate her life. We shall still have the Gagamel Band playing tonight at their home at Amnesia. We shall pay tribute to her and play her favorite songs,” said one of the Gagamel band members.

Cadra is well known for having featured in Bebe Cool’s Nkola Byafayo video.

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