Beneath The Lies Series No More, The Episodes Were Stolen

Beneath the lies cast

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Beneath the lies, a TV series that has been airing on Urban TV will be no more after the production studios were broken into, causing the loss of all the recorded material.

Beneath the lies cast
Beneath the lies cast

Unknown individuals broke into the studios of Kinetic management group and Savannah Moon productions stealing all the episodes that were pre-recorded along with other equipments.

This happened late last year forcing the project to be withdrawn prematurely though it had got a fair reception from the audience since its premiere on 17th December.


The station manager Urban TV, Michael Owor, announced that the station regrets any the setback since they had gained massive viewers since the premiere.

“This is regrettable because the series had built a large following after only two episodes, i hope the producers continue with the production in spite of the setback’ said Owor.

Despite the fact that episodes were stolen, the series showed no serious sign of success since there has been little or no renowned actors and actresses, but rather mere celebrities and Wannabes.

The cast was chosen according to ones popularity but not acting proficiency as it should have been.

There has been Rabadaba, a struggling musician,  Salvador a comedian, Flavia a media personality, Daniel Omara a comedian, among others who have no acting skills whatsoever.

Several critics arose since the premiere with many people deeming the series amateurish and demanding.

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