Besigye Beats Security Again, Kayihura Furious Threatens To Fire Omala

Besigye waves to supporters before police blocking him (Picture by Milton Tumusiime)

Besigye waves to supporters before police blocking him (Picture by Milton Tumusiime)

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) boss Kizza Besigye has made yet another significant record beating security in just three days.  Besigye proved to the nation how our security if full of loopholes when he maneuvered heavy deployment at his Kasangati based home and stormed  Down Town Kampala.

A day earlier police commander in charge of operations Sam Omala appeared before cameras and bragged how police had sealed off Besigye’s residence and that this time they wouldn’t sleep.

“We are ready for him, we shall not dose,” he said.

High ranked Police commanders including Felix Kaweesi, Central Police DPC James Ruhweza, Onesmus Mwesigwa and others were thrown a panic when intelligence spread that Besigye was in down town walking. “Honestly we panicked, there was no coordination among us we couldn’t believe the man was  down town,” vividly shocked commander who sought anonymity narrated to Red Pepper.

“This is a shame, why can’t Omala resign, what does he do just eating our money! The problem with him is he talks a lot, we all saw him on TV screens bragging he is ashamed,” unidentified plain clothed officer mocked Omala.

On learning the bush war hero had paralyzed, business in town and was attracting surging sea of fanatics Police swung in and fired tear gas and live bullets.

With Ruhweza in command they directed Besigye to use luwum streets, but throngs of masses cheered the opposition icon . With some few radicals pelting stones at Police trucks trembling operatives started firing tear gas, a canister shattered unidentified man’s whopper at Old Park.

Drama continued as Besigye was taken to CPS in his Toyota Pajero UAK 773F where was detained. After few minutes a boda boda man identified as Keith Nyakahuma stormed CPS claiming that a Police officer shot him in the thigh.

“I was hiding behind Rwenzori Courts when suddenly felt something hitting my thigh and the next thing I saw was blood flowing. I didn’t see who shot me but officers chased us from our stage (boda boda stage near CPS),” he said .

Kaweesi then offered his car after an ambulance delayed and he was taken to Mulago.

Besigye’s detention attracted many FDC officials who raided CPS to bail him out but their efforts were thwarted as police claimed he was not at the station. Gen. Mugisha Muntu who was among the officials told Red Pepper that officers denied him access to see his comrade and they could tell him was Besigye wasn’t at CPS.

How Besigye  Beat Security

As a soldier he can never run out of ideas. unconfirmed theories say that Besigye who sneaked from his banana plantation then entered a taxi wearing a cap and a hooded jacket.  His personal driver then confused security buy driving his monster land cruiser UAN 661V when they tried to check it he was not inside. A pajero driven by Moses Tumukunde was waiting for him in town, picked him and stormed Nakivubo where he began to walk.

Omala In Hot Soup

Meanwhile our police sources assured us that Sam Omala could earn himself a suspension because he has failed to fulfill his mandate.

A source said that IGP Kale Kayihura called Kaweesi  expressing his dissatisfaction with Omala.

Kayihura said this is the second time Besigye is playing them yet police has enough resources. But Omala is said to have defended himself saying the Command Intelligence in Kasangati was to blame because he (Omala) feeds on intelligence gathered and this time round things changed. When Red Pepper landed on motor mouthed Omala at CPS for a comment he said “I don’t have any words”.

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12 thoughts on “Besigye Beats Security Again, Kayihura Furious Threatens To Fire Omala

  1. Besigye is a head!!! He should be declared a special hero and promoted to start training both the police and army instead of this hopeless policemen who are good at shooting innocent people.

  2. Doesn’t besigye have a right to go market, shops, etc to shop. The govt shd only address reasons why clouds follow besigye when he moves that barring him from moving. What stupidity??

  3. poor Omalla, he is going to be hanged for the weakness of the whole force. The bush war Colonel nonetheless is a soldier what else can you expect from the not well trained SPCs.

  4. Nice to beat Security.
    But a big request to this Besigye of yours, can you please call off your demos till uganda finishes its 50yrs Jubilee celebrations. You will always walk even after it, so allow us to celebrate our Jubilee in peace. Remember Jubilee existed before NRM, FDC and so on….

  5. I admire Dr Besigye’s relentless fight for what he believes, hate him , like him when uganda’s political history is re written, this man will be at the helm.
    His marching around the city and reaction by the people reminds me in Jan 1986 as a young man, when NRA forces captured kampala. The wanaichi jubilated by giving gifts food clothes etc.
    I don’t feel that the people in power would get the same welcome as Besigye now
    How can you verify putting Lord Mayor Lukwago under House Arrest, this is a man elected by the people to represented their views.
    By comparison we are back to the same days of Panda Gari, police officer slaps a journalist in broad day light.
    Uganda @50 will be more about NRM vs Besigye which is a shame.

  6. ilike this commedy played by oposition one day release these films for us to lough at as they beat security to walk out of their homes thro banana plantations ,fetching water hahahah,by the way where r d likes of Ingrid,Nabilah.KAYI Boy dont punish Omala

  7. Firing Omara does not help the alreadt tired Police of Kaihura. The only thing they should do, is to give Dr.KB escorts. He will always chalenge them and Kaihura knows it well. If he is not a threat , why brutalise the man. He is more popular than all of you tomenting him for nothing he has done!!

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