BEWARE! Tycoon Gitta warns broke men off daughter

Gitta's daughter

Gitta’s daughter

It is not a secret that Entebbe popular socialite Tycoon Benson Gitta has been cited in numerous sagas. However, reports coming in reveal that Gitta is going around vowing to teach a lesson to broke men will try to disorganize his freshly graduated lovely daughter Patricia Namilimu after she successfully completed her studies. The tycoon currently boasts of five degrees in his house despite him not exceeding primary level.

The businessman apparently misses his daughter Namilimu after she started her own life and he will no longer party with her any more.

However five of his daughters who graduated none of them have ever introduced a man to him and the tycoon awaits to see who will take any of his daughters.

Gitta serving her daughter a cake

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