Ugandan Veteran journalist, Tony Owana. (FILE PHOTO)

Ugandan Veteran journalist, Tony Owana. (FILE PHOTO)

Masaka has always been an opposition stronghold but the priests have always chosen their words carefully.

Fr. Mugisha is especially newsworthy because he is supposed to belong to the so-called privileged “western” tribes and the opposition’s joy that a Mugisha can attack Yoweri is understandable.

The Pope’s recent blessing for homosexual weddings has already stunned Ugandan Catholics and some are quietly in rebellion. Now, Fr. Mugisha’s direct attack on a political leader (M7) and his party (NRM) will further split this church.

Why? Because the NRM/M7 opposition to homosexuality is well-known while the Pope has changed that of the Roman Catholic Church to open support.

Rev. Fr. Richard Mugisha

That is why the international homo-lobby even gave Hon Wine Kyagulanyi an award last year for pledging to defend their rights in Uganda. Did I mention that Kyagulanyi is Roman Catholic?

Don’t be surprised to hear Muslim clerics praying for Hon Haji Kasolo to save him from Fr. Mugisha’s pulpit curse, or Church of Uganda zealots offering similar prayers to Yoweri…

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That is how careless utterances breed unfortunate political conjectures and nurture them into political positions. I rest my sad case.

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