Bishop Wayabire Is New Bugwere Cultural Leader

Bishop Wayabire being congratulated by the cultural leaders upon his election


Bishop John Chrysostom Wayabire, the head of the Revival and Salvation Apostolic Ministries in East and Central Africa is the head of Ikumbania Bwa Bugwere, the Bagwere Cultural Institution.

Bishop Wayabire being congratulated by the cultural leaders upon his election
Bishop Wayabire being congratulated by the cultural leaders upon his election

He was declared an unopposed as the cultural leader of the Bugwere Cultural Institution by Cornelius Bole, the chairperson of the Electoral Committee on Saturday. The election at Budaka District headquarters was witnessed by clan leaders, area members of parliament, local leaders, elders, security personnel, opinion leaders, and state house officials. 80 of 86 cultural leaders locally known as the Itabangis, who form the Electoral College participated in the elections.

Cornelius Bole, the Electoral Committee Chairperson explains that they invited contestants from the clan leaders but only Bishop Wabwire picked and returned the nomination forms. He said the requirements for the candidates included presenting a certificate of good conduct from Uganda Police, payment of non-refundable nomination fee of 5 million shillings and receiving the backing by at least 35 cultural leaders, which he said Bishop Wayabire fulfilled.

Badru Kirya, the Prime Minister of the Bagwere Cultural Institution handed over the instruments of power to Ikumbania that included the constitution, certificates, bank documents, logo and Emblem among others.

He advised Wayabire to focus on fostering unity and peace among his subjects. Kirya noted the increased disunity and conflicts among the Bagwere which he said has made it difficult for them to benefit from government support. He also appealed to the Ikumbania to fight hard to protect their land and work towards improving the morals of the youth, which he says has gone to the dogs. He also expressed concern that the three districts of Budaka, Pallisa and Kibuku that make up the Bugwere are at wars with neighboring local governments over land.

Paul Kigaye, one of the elders has described the election of the cultural leader as timely saying the Bagwere will now have a single voice to lobby for the national cake from the central government.

On his part, Bishop Wayabire pledged to work hard and prioritize land protection, education, youth morals and encourage his people to work hard towards eradicating poverty from their households. The election of Bishop Wayabire brings an end to the bickering that has been affected Bagwere Cultural Institution since it was established seven years ago. It also bring to end the administration of Mbuala Kintu, a self imposed cultural leader of the Bagwere.

Preparations for the coronation of the new cultural chief are underway.

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  1. Uganda is becoming a messed up country with all these clan politics.In developed world as “Uganda is becoming one soon 🙂 ” people associate themselves with the country eg I am American,French Italian or Swiss period this is the root cause of our nepotism trend. In Uganda people ask to know where one if from THEY never think at country level but at tribal and clan levels.

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