BIZ RAVALRY! Global, Tausi buses @ war over parking slots in Mbarara Park

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By Amos Tayebwa


A war has erupted between bus transport operators  Global and Tausi over parking slots and route charts in the Mbarara bus Park.


Global had for sometime dominated transport business for travelers plying Mbarara-Kampala route but the emergency of Tausi is something they had not anticipated.

As a result it is now turning into a full blown war between the two operators.

Before Covid-19 and fuel crisis, transport fares used to be at shs20000. Global later increased to shs30000. This was maintained even after relaxation of Covid-19 SOPs and as well stabilization of fuel prices.

Tausi came with a different strategy. For the whole of last month, Tausi has been charging between shs20, 000-18,000 for the same route.

This affected Global operations and consequently reportedly lost 40%.

Global has also panicked and reduced transport fares to shs20, 000 but are still struggling to retain their clients.  Travelers also accuse their staff of being arrogant.

Whereas Tausi is trying to eat into Global’s clientele, it has been hit by lack of a parking slot route chart.

Sources say Global bosses have allegedly compromised the systems to ensure that Tausi  don’t own a parking slot in Mbarara Bus Park.

Apparently Tausi buses are illegally loading clients in the Bus Park. They only stop over and load as they come from Ishaka to Kampala or Kampala to Ishaka.  It’s more of a drive through.

The battle between the two parties has also caused the exit of the Bus Park Chairman Robert Kiiza.

He had been accused of being cohorts with Global to sabotage Tausi’s efforts to secure a parking slot.

Rashid Amutuhaire, Manager Tausi buses Mbarara Branch, claims that Global Bus managers have continuously harassed them due to fear of competition.

He says their efforts to secure a route chart in the Mbarara Bus Park have been compromised by their rivals.

He said that they have written to the Transport Licensing Board (TBL) ,  a body that governs Bus transport in Uganda, seeking for permission to have route chart/ parking slot in Mbarara Bus park.

He is optimistic that by 15th of next month they will have sorted out the issue.

Amutuhaire has also challenged rumors saying that when one travels through Tausi Bus,  goes home willingly with a lady as a bonus. He said  that those are propaganda that intend to tarnish Tausi Bus’s reputation. That it should be regarded as baseless rumors.

He admitted that the only offers they give in Tausi Bus are free drinks, pads for the Women, pampers for the children, phone charging cables and free WiFi.

Tausi Bus Company so far has about 19 buses that work on Ishaka-Mbarara -Kampala route. That by next month they are bringing another batch of about 15.


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